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'LON and CAN (CEBUS alternative)'
1999\08\05@122536 by Craig Lee

I've evaluated LON, CAN, MODBUS, etc.  and nothing compares to CEBUS.  Check it out, you'll be glad you did.

The powerline stuff is starting to exceed 10Mbit/s, blowing away the 120
bit/s of X10, and there are physical layer specs for RS485, RF, IR, etc.

The problem of custom chips is still there, but the price is reasonable,
and there are at least a couple sources.  Also, there is huge buy in
as this is supposed to be the new home automation standard.  Lucent,
Cutler Hammer, and Microsoft, to name a few.

CEBUS packets allow the addressing of 0xFFFF homes with 0xFFFF nodes,
sending 256 bytes data per packet.

The other neato thing is the use of contexts.  ie.  A TV will have volume
up/down power on/off channel up/down  pip on/off etc.  A light switch will
have power on/off dim up/down.  Thus your packetization is as simple as your
device and doesn't require a big micro implementing 17 software layers to turn
on a light bulb!

For an example product, see  They make a powerline
peer to peer networking solution for sharing data between 2 computers and
sharing a printer.  10Mbit over power line, $99 for the package.  Too good
to be true?


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