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'LMD 18200 Final Call'
1995\10\17@201359 by Ben L Wirz

LMD 18200 Bulk Buy Update

Hello Everyone

       I now have no doubt that we will make the 25 minimum we needed.
I wished I could say there was a possibility on make the next cutoff of
100, but I don't think so.  This would be nice as I could save everyone
an additional $2.00 per unit.  If I had the capital, I would go ahead and
purchase the difference and sell them later.  I don't though.  I will be
sending out my home address immediately after this message, if you don't
get it and want to order email immediately so you can get in on the order.


* I still need a source for Static Bags if anyone know of one.

Time Schedule

Oct 18-23
       Window I would trust the smail to deliver on time (In the States)
Oct. 28
       Last Day I will check mail for orders
Oct. 29
       Compile orders
Oct.  30
       Place Order with Supplier
Nov 2
       Hopefully I will have Chips in Hand
Nov 6
       Hopefully I will ship on this day

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