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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'2.5 digit LED from Stamp?'
1995\07\16@031545 by David Baker
1995\07\16@131556 by Bill Cornutt
1995\07\16@181258 by First Last
1995\07\16@185733 by William Chops Westfield
1995\07\17@015543 by Tom Mornini
1995\07\17@015543 by Tom Mornini
1995\07\17@033727 by Neil Thomson
1995\07\17@174630 by Claus K|hnel
1995\07\18@142443 by Markus Imhof
1995\07\19@235301 by Stephen Kormilo

'Acknowledge (Was: Fuzzy controllers)'
1995\09\06@190308 by Ronny H. Kavli

1995\11\08@204610 by Eric Seeley
1995\11\09@043913 by Errington A
1995\11\09@082624 by Warren Crossfield
1995\11\10@122829 by Preben Granberg
'Re : 3 wire LED display (well 2 wire)'
1995\11\10@131535 by Robin Abbott
1995\11\10@140006 by reginald neale

'Led Displays for PIC'
1996\05\04@062234 by Mohamad Shalan
1996\05\04@101935 by JACOB SCOTT
'mail failed, returning to sender'
1996\05\30@145934 by myke predko

'Driving LEDs (was: Suggestions for new PIC person)'
1996\06\06@001125 by Byron A Jeff
1996\06\06@005341 by Steve Hardy
1996\06\06@013039 by Onat Ahmet
1996\06\06@031027 by Keith Dowsett
1996\06\06@084308 by Rick Miller
1996\06\06@131538 by Reginald Neale
1996\06\06@135517 by Byron A Jeff
1996\06\06@212913 by Steve Hardy
1996\06\07@104539 by Mark K Sullivan
1996\06\08@162506 by Dwayne Reid
1996\06\09@072743 by David Knell
1996\06\10@184335 by Dwayne Reid
1996\06\11@051224 by David Knell
'USART and LED dimming'
1996\06\28@091604 by Harrison Cooper
1996\06\28@100358 by Scott Newell
1996\06\28@113613 by Harrison Cooper
1996\06\28@122754 by Brian Read
1996\06\28@165256 by Reginald Neale

'High-Brightness LEDs'
1996\08\14@143407 by Christopher Zguris
1996\08\14@160818 by Todd Peterson
1996\08\14@160943 by Paul Mathews
1996\08\14@162225 by Mark K Sullivan
'PIC controlled freq generator'
1996\08\15@035248 by thoffman
1996\08\15@120151 by Rick Sherman
1996\08\15@144124 by Martin J. Maney
1996\08\15@153005 by Mike Riendeau
'Bright LEDs'
1996\08\15@182350 by Jon Bertrand
'IR leds for remote ctrl'
1996\08\15@183441 by engmessi
1996\08\15@200214 by Steve Hardy
1996\08\15@211954 by Paul Mathews
1996\08\15@215153 by EVAN CRANNA
1996\08\15@222809 by Paul Haas
1996\08\16@005256 by Paul Mathews
1996\08\16@005920 by Steve Childress
1996\08\16@013510 by Paul Mathews
'PIC controlled freq generator'
1996\08\16@212203 by Mr. Brooke Clarke

'LED mvong message.'
1996\10\28@012257 by Werner Terreblanche
1996\10\30@012333 by Andres Djordjalian
1996\10\31@040427 by Werner Terreblanche

'LED mvong message.'
1996\11\02@101848 by Gerhard Fiedler
1996\11\02@161937 by John Payson
1996\11\02@190333 by William Chops Westfield
'words vs. bytes (was Re: LED mvong message.)'
1996\11\02@201717 by Eric Smith
'LED mvong message.'
1996\11\02@203553 by fastfwd
1996\11\03@114836 by Gerhard Fiedler
1996\11\03@114839 by Gerhard Fiedler
1996\11\03@164342 by John Payson
1996\11\03@210816 by Dwayne Reid
'words vs. bytes (was Re: LED mvong message.)'
1996\11\05@152505 by Matthew Mucker
1996\11\05@205802 by Martin J. Maney
1996\11\05@211035 by Eric Smith
1996\11\06@112231 by myke predko
'LED matrix multiplexing'
1996\11\10@174111 by Zhahai Stewart
1996\11\10@200207 by Byron A Jeff
1996\11\10@210411 by Bob Blick
1996\11\11@015403 by Werner Terreblanche
1996\11\11@025942 by Eric Smith
1996\11\11@111311 by Reginald Neale
1996\11\11@111523 by Matthew Mucker
1996\11\11@112143 by Byron A Jeff
1996\11\11@122722 by hjmuller
1996\11\11@165348 by Dwayne Reid
'LED matrix multiplexing (Correction !!!)'
1996\11\11@235223 by hjmuller
1996\11\12@025049 by fastfwd
1996\11\12@104136 by Zhahai Stewart
1996\11\12@111426 by Byron A Jeff
1996\11\12@130644 by Bob Blick
1996\11\12@152027 by Zhahai Stewart
1996\11\12@152033 by Zhahai Stewart
1996\11\12@154332 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1996\11\12@193632 by Dave Mullenix
1996\11\12@194101 by Gonzalo Palarea
1996\11\12@195056 by William Chops Westfield
1996\11\12@202632 by Byron A Jeff
'LED matrix multiplexing (Correction !!!)CNID'
1996\11\12@204055 by Lauw Lim Un Tung
1996\11\12@211656 by Ian Stirling
1996\11\12@224814 by Dave Mullenix
1996\11\12@230931 by Byron A Jeff
'Caller ID modulation (was Re: LED matrix multiplex'
1996\11\12@230941 by Eric Smith
'LED matrix multiplexing'
1996\11\13@053254 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1996\11\13@085847 by Byron A Jeff
1996\11\13@093609 by Ray Gardiner
1996\11\13@103432 by Byron A Jeff
'LED matrix multiplexing (eyes & duty cycles, MAX 7'
1996\11\13@210255 by Zhahai Stewart
1996\11\14@024221 by Matthew Mucker
1996\11\14@040921 by Shel Michaels
'Yet another LED project'
1996\11\14@173902 by W. Lee Vick, Jr.
1996\11\14@192940 by Steve Hardy
1996\11\15@002319 by Tony Matthews
1996\11\15@062248 by efoc
'Caller ID (was Re: LED matrix multiplexing (Correc'
1996\11\15@083052 by Hank Gupton
1996\11\15@083717 by Louis A. Mamakos
'LED matrix multiplexing (Correction !!!)CNID'
1996\11\15@085002 by Hank Gupton
'Yet another LED project'
1996\11\15@093622 by W. Lee Vick, Jr.
1996\11\15@113546 by fastfwd
1996\11\16@081521 by Matthew Mucker
1996\11\19@003448 by Barry Bine
'Searching for source of LED backlight 40x2 LCD mod'
1996\11\19@043852 by NEIL GANDLER
'LEDs revisited'
1996\11\19@231243 by Matthew Mucker
'Searching for source of LED backlight 40x2 LCD mod'
1996\11\21@211935 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'LEDs revisited'
1996\11\22@055619 by fastfwd
1996\11\22@141311 by Eddie Starling
'LED matrix multiplexing (eyes & duty cycles, MAX 7'
1996\11\22@141714 by vince
'caller-id, was Re: LED matrix multiplexing (Correc'
1996\11\23@213824 by aab

'Philips 3-wire (Data, Strobe and Acknowledge) prot'
1996\12\13@215918 by ang (Chee Foon Tiang)
1996\12\14@004041 by Todd Peterson
'HELP with an LED Driver'
1996\12\16@155859 by Scott Horton
1996\12\16@172219 by Zhahai Stewart
1996\12\16@173602 by verhage
1996\12\16@204122 by Byron A Jeff
1996\12\16@213855 by Dwayne Reid
1996\12\16@220403 by Sarunas Cepulis
1996\12\17@121720 by Scott Horton
1996\12\17@141125 by Craig Knotts
'LED display without current limit resistors ?'
1996\12\30@154200 by Randy Howe
1996\12\30@155907 by az753

'Foolish Usurper of Conventional Knowledge'
1997\01\04@163912 by Mike
'Blinking LED'
1997\01\20@204049 by Troy D Nelson
'Command confirmation request cancelled'
1997\01\23@020345 by Eddie
''PIC controlled' Robot question'
1997\01\23@170359 by Berg, Russ: SAS
1997\01\23@170359 by Berg, Russ: SAS
1997\01\23@173419 by Mattias Engstršm
1997\01\23@175928 by Gael WAICHE
1997\01\23@192612 by Tony Matthews
1997\01\24@035525 by efoc
1997\01\24@035525 by efoc

'dot matrix led driver help'
1997\02\05@155141 by Scott Horton
1997\02\05@164825 by Philippe TECHER
1997\02\05@195348 by Tony Matthews
'Application controlled reset ???'
1997\02\17@182140 by Bob Segrest
1997\02\17@182942 by Antti Lukats
1997\02\17@185022 by Miller, Steve
1997\02\17@185607 by Antti Lukats
1997\02\17@191027 by ONY NIXON 54964
1997\02\17@192241 by myke predko
1997\02\17@232133 by tjaart
1997\02\18@004346 by David W. Duley
1997\02\18@023219 by John Dammeyer
1997\02\18@083200 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1997\02\18@190733 by Steve Hardy
1997\02\19@030423 by lmclaren
1997\02\19@031454 by John Dammeyer
1997\02\19@091926 by mike
'LED or LCD alpha displays'
1997\02\27@203930 by Robert Zeff
1997\02\28@093659 by Andy Kunz

'LED or LCD alpha displays'
1997\03\01@162240 by Robert Zeff
1997\03\02@155945 by jim ruxton
'Looking for Bob BLICK/ Scanned LED Clock'
1997\03\12@125713 by Antti Lukats
1997\03\12@131350 by Philip Restuccia
'LED matrix & Multiplexing ?'
1997\03\15@152609 by Philip Martin
1997\03\16@193457 by myke predko
1997\03\17@040600 by Peter Wintulich
1997\03\17@042053 by tjaart
1997\03\17@043337 by Andrew Warren
1997\03\17@050459 by tjaart
1997\03\17@054903 by Andrew Warren
1997\03\17@194234 by taking
1997\03\18@191050 by Byron A Jeff

'LED 16c84'
1997\04\16@015547 by andreabelian
1997\04\16@022302 by andreabelian
1997\04\16@123851 by Robert S Gray
1997\04\16@173525 by Gerhard Fiedler
1997\04\17@090819 by Mark Jurras
1997\04\17@092934 by Norm Cramer

'LED Signboard'
1997\05\13@205325 by Jann P. Kaminski
'LED Signboards'
1997\05\14@164137 by Mark G. Forbes
1997\05\14@200642 by John Payson
1997\05\15@013432 by Michael Coop
1997\05\17@123848 by DTU- No Proxi
1997\05\17@132252 by John Payson
1997\05\17@154444 by Miller, Steve
1997\05\18@073154 by Leon Heller
'How to display numbers in a LED display'
1997\05\20@171731 by Jose Antonio Noda
1997\05\20@184445 by andreabelian
1997\05\20@185315 by TONY NIXON 54964
1997\05\20@185315 by TONY NIXON 54964
1997\05\20@185518 by Steve Smith
1997\05\21@013631 by Philippe TECHER

'Mislabelled crystal?'
1997\06\03@141608 by Brian Scearce
1997\06\03@155221 by John Payson

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