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'LCD stuff questions'
1999\08\13@072722 by Panos Kenterlis

Hello again..

Does any one know of an LCD controller/driver that can control a display
panel of maximum resolution 640x480 that can also be used on a bus running
at 16MHz clock speed. If you do know that, do you happen to know by any
chance a good matching LCD panel for it (640x480) ??

Thank you once again.

Panos Kenterlis
Technological and Educational Institute of Piraeus (BSc student)
Athens - Piraeus

1999\08\14@235451 by Mark Willis

I just saw a medium-sized Mono 64-x480 LCD display with an ISA card
attached for $90 or so, in the last day or 3;  I'll try to figure out
where I saw that.  You should be able to interface a 16MHz 8-bit bus to
an 16 bit ISA bus.  This was made as a VGA card, for a desktop,
something like that.


Panos Kenterlis wrote:
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