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'LCD for 16C84'
1997\01\07@094944 by Iannini

Brasilia, 01/07/1997


          My name is Roberto and I make some projects using
microcontrollers PIC 16C84, from microchip.

          I would like to write a subroutine ( in assembly or PicBasic
from microengineering Labs - ) for my future

          I need a subroutine that writes messages  in a 2 line x 16
characters LCD display (dot matrix 5x7) that uses the HD44780. The
conections from LCD module to 16C84 are the most used. They are:

             LCD pins                     PIC16C84 pins
             DB0-DB7      connected to       RB0-RB7
              RS                "             RA00
              R/W               "             RA01
             ENABLE             "             RA02

          I can not modify it because the board is done.

          I use the Pic Macro Assembler, PM.EXE, from Micro engineering
labs, version 2.51. Also, I have one file called "LCD.LIB" that maybe
can help...

       If possible, send me some help (or some subroutine!).

          Thank you,

          Roberto Fonseca


1997\01\08@155522 by Gael Waiche

picon face
Iannini wrote:
{Quote hidden}

Have a look at:

You will find exactly what you need.


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