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'LCD emulation on VB form'
1999\03\27@002728 by Leonardo De Palo

Ciao PICer friends,

I need to emulate on VB form an LCD (2 x 16) with a caracter cell of 7 x 5 ,
a seven segment LED display and a couple of 5mm LED.

Anyone know were I can found the OCX.




1999\03\27@013226 by Peter Williamson

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Leonardo De Palo wrote:
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1999\03\27@051710 by

Scan them and store the bitmaps, then you can simply call up the bitmaps
as required for each digit.   If you want a professional result, then
either put in the time and effort yourself, or PAY someone else who
*has* the required skill.
Graham.Leonardo De Palo wrote:
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