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'LCD driving (an563)'
1995\07\06@014305 by Conny Andersson

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Kalle wrote about driving LCD:s directly from a PIC and maybe connect some
capacitors in series with each segment.

The problem is that all segments act as capacitors itself (more or less) so
I guess that won't fix the problem.
You have to work with the LCD spec. instead and set all the nescessary voltagess
with the IO-ports. I recently built a RPM counter with a multiplexed display
(7x6 segments) and I couldnn't get it to work according to how you usually
drive LCD:s, probably because you cannnot easily set up all the nescessary
However, I fixed the problem by connecting resistors (470k) in series with each
segment and then connect all resistors to half the operating voltage of the
circuit. Then I used the tristate option along with low and high to obtain
voltages such as -5,-2.5,0,2.5,5 volts.

Hope this helps,
Conny Andersson, LiTH

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