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'LCD Screen and Driver IC'
1996\09\15@011044 by Ben L Wirz

Hello Everyone,

       I need help finding a LCD screen and controller IC.  The screens needs
to be at least 4 " x 8".  As this may go in a comerical product, I am
looking for pointers to manufactures and suppliers not surplus stuff.
The screen will interface with a PIC which will have I/O lines open so a
parallel or serial interface to the controller IC is fine.  The
controller IC only needs to produce text, graphics aren't needed.

       I would very much appreciate any pointers you can give me, even
pointers to LCD manufactures and not specific products would be fine.


Ben Wirz                For Great Deals on Nitinol Wire, H-Bridge IC's,
Wirz Electronics        Polaroid Sonar Units, PIC 16C84's, and more      Hobbyist Robotic & Electronic Supplies, visit:

1996\09\15@024341 by andreabelian

picon face

I  have  extra picstart B1 without  power supply  I  would like to
trade  with  pic cookbook or books for beginners. Please  offer.

                                 Thank  you.

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