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'LCD Problem - Heat'
2003\02\01@202233 by Ray Gallant

Subject: [EE]: LCD Problem - Heat


I'm using a 20*2 LCD from with a backlight.
Here is the datasheet:

Anyway, in the datasheet it says teh supply current is 5mA, but doesn't say
it is the logic, LCD or backlight. Actually it doesn't give much information
on the
backlight at all.

Can anyone tell me what requires only the 5mA current? Should I just put a
resister infront of
Vdd for logic, and one infront for the backlight? At the moment, I'm using a
5V supply (roughly
5.10) from the computer which has a high current ~8A


I use a 24R resistor for a similar backlight.  {slewrate}

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