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'LCD Panel for $89'
1999\08\17@005254 by Mark Willis

Found it!  Was in Nuts & Volts, Aug. 99, page 73, bottom right corner.

AllTech Electronics, http://www.ComputerChopper.Com/, has this in their

9.75" Mono VGA LCD w/Controller, powered from the 16-bit ISA card, uses
Cirrus GD6235 chips, 512k Ram, non upgradable, Win95/98 compatible.  10"
x 6.75" x 3/8" thick.

(760) 724-2404 or (760) 724-8808 Fax, 2618 Temple Heights Drive,
Oceanside, CA  92056

I probably saw it on their web site, at least I FOUND it;  I was
starting to stress over being unable to find this <G>


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