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'John Leonard's PICk your brain rocket launcher'
1998\10\11@013425 by Dr. Ed Edmondson, Jr. Ph.D.

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John Leonard:

Thanks for the REALLY constructive input you provided.  I can see as a father
(DAD) you might need a little input from other experienced fathers like

This kind of help is why so many children grow up like they do today.  They,
like so many others, ask for REAL help or constructive comments and yours is
the most common response received.

You may very well find this amusing but people trying to help others as I was
attempting to do, DON'T.  For the most part the feedback from nearly all  of
the picsters has been helpful and constructive, sans yours.  Just for grins
:-)) you take a large soda straw and you breath through it for a complete day
(if you are able) and you will see how it feels to be a chronic asthmatic.
Take away the ability to run, play any kind of sports, of even walk up a
flight of stairs without a problem and see how much you like it.  This is one
of the VERY FEW things this young man can do.  I was only trying to give him
an alternative to the junk that is currently available, not trying to impress
you or any one else with what I know or don't know.

If indeed this is the kind of help you provide on a constant basis to the rest
of the people on this list, maybe you would better spend your time taking
remedial parenting classes.

As for the rest of you picsters,  thank you for your honest concerns, comments
and REAL help.  I know Ray will be appreciative of your contributions.  I will
continue to value any input put forth by the sincere contributors among you as
I still have a long way to go.  I too hope to be able one day to be a
contributor to those many seeking REAL help here.


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