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PICList Thread
1997\06\25@123956 by Mike Smith

> From: Andy Kunz <spam_OUTmontanaTakeThisOuTspamFAST.NET>
> To: .....PICLISTKILLspamspam@spam@MITVMA.MIT.EDU
> Subject: Re: Java
> Date: Tuesday, 24 June 1997 23:41
> >Absolutely correct -- With Sun's current religious campaign for "100%
> Java" (I
> >think their real intent is 0% Microsoft) -- The lawyers are going to
> more
> >to say about this in the short run.
> Let's back Sun.

Why?  If their game plan works, MS would be where IBM are now (s/w wise),
and Sun would be where MS are today.  You'd replace one big, lovable,
monopolistic company with another, and is Sun really that much better?

Besides, MS seem to have a sense of humour.  When my TCP/IP failed in Win95
the other day, I got a dialog error message -
Err 221 - Goodbye Dave (or Hal - can't remember)


1997\06\25@140052 by Matt Calder

On Thu, 26 Jun 1997, Mike Smith wrote:

> Besides, MS seem to have a sense of humour.  When my TCP/IP failed in Win95

       Here are a few more instances of MS humor, these functions appear
in user32.exe which contains much of Windows functionality:



/* Matt Calder, Dept. of Statistics, CSU */
/* */

1997\06\25@211921 by Andy Kunz

>        UserSeeUserDo()
>        WinOldAppHackOMatic()
>        BozosLiveHere()

Please don't confuse _programmers_ with _Microsoft_.  Microsoft is the
marketing arm of some good (and some bad) programmers.  They have a good
deal - highest per-capita millionaires of any company in the (known)
universe.  And they got that way the old-fashioned way - ROYALTIES!

Personally, I would like to see someone other than MS get some money out of
the market.


Andy Kunz - Montana Design - 409 S 6th St - Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
         Hardware & Software for Industry & R/C Hobbies
       "Go fast, turn right, and keep the wet side down!"

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