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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'experimental pic list (5/9/94) '
1994\05\09@122329 by jory
'misc '
1994\05\11@121623 by jory
'stamp mailing list '
1994\05\11@142210 by jory
'PISstart % serial I/O (mac) '
1994\05\12@124910 by jory
'omission in last msg.'
1994\05\17@002751 by jory
'PISstart % serial I/O (mac) '
1994\05\28@142706 by ujonsson

'Beta testers wanted for disassembler'
1994\06\21@122724 by (Ian King)n/a
'Beta Pic Disassembler'
1994\06\29@085450 by (Ian King)n/a
'list duties '
1994\06\29@225409 by jory
'Is it real or is it PicBuster?'
1994\06\29@231333 by SMARTSIGNAL

'is there a known trap here.'
1994\07\14@181735 by eric
1994\07\14@182301 by Gary Gaskell
1994\07\14@201554 by dthomas
'16c5X disassembler'
1994\07\15@135736 by Don Lekei
'Floating point division error?'
1994\07\26@080909 by Derrick Early
'More pic list.'
1994\07\26@084848 by Derrick Early

'mailing list request'
1994\08\01@073856 by Noel P. Hart
1994\08\01@131017 by server at MITVMA (1.7f)
1994\08\01@131017 by server at MITVMA (1.7f)
'memory query...more administrivia'
1994\08\18@230736 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\18@230736 by crocontroller discussion list
'Dallas RTC (also: some comarison of 6811 and pic)'
1994\08\29@110911 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\29@120212 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\29@133121 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\29@154045 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\30@123908 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\08\31@231340 by -Kellogg High School

'other microcontrollers' lists'
1994\09\08@175855 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\09\14@081332 by crocontroller discussion list
'administrivia (9/20/94)'
1994\09\20@050911 by crocontroller discussion list
'Resistor value ? (16c84)'
1994\09\26@021545 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\09\27@074720 by crocontroller discussion list

'Resistor value ? (16c84)'
1994\10\10@064228 by Alex
1994\10\10@064431 by Alex
'What is the PIC61? and 73?'
1994\10\10@170440 by Alex
'pic list lull'
1994\10\26@140728 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\10\27@162111 by crocontroller discussion list
'how to post to the pic list'
1994\10\29@031937 by crocontroller discussion list
'16C57 file registers above 01Fh'
1994\10\31@175616 by crocontroller discussion list

'16C57 file registers above 01Fh'
1994\11\01@172156 by crocontroller discussion list
'What is the PIC61? and 73?'
1994\11\01@203948 by crocontroller discussion list
'16C57 file registers above 01Fh'
1994\11\02@002107 by crocontroller discussion list
'What is the PIC61? and 73?'
1994\11\02@103937 by crocontroller discussion list
'What is the RT pin in parallel programming of 6X/7'
1994\11\02@135933 by crocontroller discussion list
'your mail (futile removal requests to the list)'
1994\11\15@045013 by crocontroller discussion list
'How about Usenet _and_ mail list?'
1994\11\18@141546 by crocontroller discussion list
'Mailing list digests.'
1994\11\26@154242 by crocontroller discussion list
'PIC FAQ Issue 2.04'
1994\11\29@211405 by tom
1994\11\29@211405 by tom

1994\12\04@192821 by nino.benci
'1 x 8 LCD display'
1994\12\07@174922 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\08@071536 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\08@071536 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\08@190450 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\09@045801 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\09@154550 by crocontroller discussion list
'How old is the PIC architecture?'
1994\12\09@181026 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\10@010757 by crocontroller discussion list
'Listserver problem? How to get help?'
1994\12\16@095859 by crocontroller discussion list
'Commercialism on the PIC email list '
1994\12\20@105120 by don.wills
'List/News Advertising'
1994\12\20@113318 by crocontroller discussion list
'Stamp List'
1994\12\20@140211 by crocontroller discussion list
'Commercials on the mail list'
1994\12\21@113022 by (Jon Poland SE Sun St Louis)n/a
'PIC list help needed'
1994\12\21@123002 by crocontroller discussion list
1994\12\21@125327 by crocontroller discussion list
'How old is the PIC architecture?'
1994\12\23@072124 by Alex
'PICSTART vs. "Hobbyist Pack"'
1994\12\26@002937 by crocontroller discussion list

'multiprecision down counting'
1995\01\02@004822 by crocontroller discussion list
'!*!*!*!*!*! pic list name change !*!*!*!*!*!'
1995\01\13@081244 by crocontroller discussion list
1995\01\13@135457 by crocontroller discussion list
'*** List renaming to PicList ***'
1995\01\15@011004 by crocontroller discussion list
'PIC Seminar Date/Time Distribution'
1995\01\15@172534 by crocontroller discussion list
'Just in case this one got lost in the shuffle...'
1995\01\25@144511 by Andrew Warren
'Who is on the list....'
1995\01\26@084309 by Paul Greenwood
1995\01\26@102520 by John M. Johnson
1995\01\31@095908 by John S. Kallend
1995\01\31@103526 by Derrick Early
1995\01\31@125554 by tom
'list problems (again!)'
1995\01\31@131053 by jory bell

'Precise Delays'
1995\02\01@014019 by Andrew Warren
'Hello PicList!'
1995\02\02@151132 by igel Cartwright
'Is PICLIST hearing _me_ ???'
1995\02\03@005007 by tom
'surplus.txt file as promised'
1995\02\04@143614 by Andrew Warren
'Is PICLIST hearing _ME_ ?'
1995\02\04@202012 by tom
'Advertisements on the PICLIST'
1995\02\04@234153 by jory bell
1995\02\05@005442 by Brian Lane
1995\02\05@090701 by tom
1995\02\05@094507 by Timothy McDonough DIAL UP1
'Lance really *is* dumb'
1995\02\05@163252 by Lance Walley
'What is wrong with the Stamp II's ?'
1995\02\05@164537 by Lance Walley
'Lance really *is* dumb'
1995\02\05@171729 by Gordon Couger
1995\02\06@050442 by Jorge Codina
'Advertisements on the PICLIST'
1995\02\06@082809 by Ran Talbott
'PICLIST Digest - 20 Feb 1995 to 21 Feb 1995'
1995\02\23@162527 by Christer Johansson

'interfacing surplus Sony 60-disc CD changers'
1995\03\16@021309 by Eric Smith
'8031 mailing list'
1995\03\30@151313 by Christer Johansson

''84 registers'
1995\04\01@225351 by Andrew Warren
'Don and his Oft-Ignored "Bypass" Advice (was: "My '
1995\04\06@001330 by Andrew Warren

'Is a moderator listening?'
1995\05\12@200413 by Brian Boles -- Applications
1995\05\15@124544 by Coats Jack
'Re[2]: PICLIST Digest - 15 May 1995 to 16 May 1995'
1995\05\18@134421 by tnguyen
1995\05\19@062807 by Adrian Godwin
'PICLIST Digest - 17 May 1995 to 18 May 1995'
1995\05\19@132351 by David Baker
'PIC wish list'
1995\05\19@165202 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1995\05\20@182405 by Eric Smith
'I2C distance spec.'
1995\05\22@094729 by Gary Gaskell
1995\05\22@130414 by Marcel Gielen
'AMIGA PIC Programmer Is Here !'
1995\05\22@161426 by Argiris A. Kranidiotis
'Microchip is Listening !'
1995\05\22@200146 by BBoles
'Microchip - Shift-Registers - Suggestion'
1995\05\30@003559 by Mick Kunstelj
'Mail list questions'
1995\05\31@043459 by Nick Howard
'Microchip - Shift-Registers - Suggestion'
1995\05\31@210953 by Mike Keitz

'Microchip - Shift-Registers - Suggestion'
1995\06\02@013513 by stephnss
1995\06\02@021542 by Andrew Warren
1995\06\02@022407 by Mick Kunstelj
1995\06\02@030428 by Mike Keitz
1995\06\02@210426 by Eric Smith
'Please remove me from this list!'
1995\06\04@163306 by Len Umina
'Publisher address or phone number'
1995\06\07@050203 by Mike Barrett
'Hard Disk interface'
1995\06\09@130521 by Chuck McManis
'HP PCIM-201 LCD Display'
1995\06\10@152602 by Walter Anderson, C.D.P.
'Noise generator'
1995\06\21@155155 by Henry Carl Ott
1995\06\23@055159 by Siegfried Grob
'More Noise'
1995\06\23@192430 by khladky
'Waterworks List'
1995\06\27@112235 by Brian Lane

'using page 0 registers on page 1'
1995\07\01@042016 by Andrew Warren
'Has anyone heard of this programmer?'
1995\07\03@080651 by Edward Cheung
'using page 0 registers on page 1'
1995\07\03@081106 by Edward Cheung
'Guitar Tuner - BEAT THIS!'
1995\07\13@042138 by CHP3HOWARNJ
'xtals, daisy-chain'
1995\07\13@180640 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1995\07\13@190404 by mlk
'Guitar Tuner - BEAT THIS!'
1995\07\14@072311 by stephnss
'Wavelet spectral analysis for guitar tuner?'
1995\07\14@072315 by stephnss
1995\07\14@090904 by Przemek Klosowski
'xtals, daisy-chain'
1995\07\14@093846 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'Guitar Tuner - BEAT THIS!'
1995\07\14@094052 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
'Wavelet spectral analysis for guitar tuner?'
1995\07\14@144506 by Lee F. Holeva
1995\07\16@183411 by petter
1995\07\16@211319 by Paul Picot
1995\07\17@110507 by Przemek Klosowski
1995\07\17@134631 by IP 90)
'New Pic Wishlist'
1995\07\21@091604 by Kalle Pihlajasaari
1995\07\24@070257 by eder Ferlemann
'New Pic Wishlist 2'
1995\07\24@093918 by eder Ferlemann
1995\07\24@235008 by Andrew Warren
'Help, Problems with listserv'
1995\07\26@110957 by Erik Hermann
'NEW! Parallax BASIC Stamp Mailing List'
1995\07\26@131938 by Tom Mornini
'Help, Problems with listserv'
1995\07\27@002121 by First Last
'NEW! Parallax BASIC Stamp Mailing List'
1995\07\27@202825 by Pic User
'Freely-redistributable PIC assembler?'
1995\07\28@164635 by Bruce Perens
'[forwarded] ADVERTISEMENT for cheap pc-based paral'
1995\07\30@040407 by jory bell
'Freely-redistributable PIC assembler?'
1995\07\31@050237 by Adrian Godwin
'[forwarded] ADVERTISEMENT for cheap pc-based paral'
1995\07\31@215347 by Tom Kellett

'[forwarded] ADVERTISEMENT for cheap pc-based paral'
1995\08\01@132823 by Rolan
'Your removal from the PICLIST list'
1995\08\02@150613 by Jory Bell prichard
1995\08\02@174314 by Jory Bell prichard
'whereis the serial programmer project?'
1995\08\16@032451 by Erik Hermann
'What is low voltage....??'
1995\08\16@120058 by Gene Silvernail
'Spammer Blacklist (was: "Jeff 'Deathwish' Slaton")'
1995\08\16@210733 by Andrew Warren
'Pic list traffic'
1995\08\17@015110 by Przemek Klosowski
1995\08\18@201831 by Dan Judd
1995\08\19@061500 by Jaco Swart
1995\08\20@162603 by Brian Read
1995\08\20@174027 by Paul Picot
1995\08\20@184411 by Lee Jones
1995\08\21@030126 by Lester
1995\08\21@062503 by David Eastlake
1995\08\21@093857 by Lou Sortman
'Stop the list, I wanna get off'
1995\08\21@111643 by Jorj Bauer
'Newsgroup vs email list'
1995\08\21@112055 by Don Wills
'mailing list vs. newsgroup'
1995\08\21@112510 by Przemek Klosowski
'Pic list traffic'
1995\08\21@124140 by PETE KLAMMER
'Newsgroup vs list'
1995\08\21@125843 by Jory Bell prichard
'Newsgroup vs email list'
1995\08\21@141114 by Roger Books
'Chuck Hansen is quoted ....'
1995\08\21@183346 by Slaton/Unique Marketing Solutions
'Newsgroup vs email list'
1995\08\21@190528 by darren
'PLEASE remove me from this list...'
1995\08\22@132107 by Jorj Bauer
'Relies to PICLIST'
1995\08\25@024645 by nino.benci
'pic16c84 disassembler'
1995\08\27@142601 by aa674
'Chuck Hansen is quoted ....'
1995\08\28@141017 by Jeff
'pic84 disassmebler'
1995\08\28@151552 by aa674
'PICLIST Digest - 27 Aug 1995 to 28 Aug 1995'
1995\08\30@150001 by Gene Silvernail

'Minimalist pic programmer'
1995\09\02@044825 by P.Trezise
1995\09\05@101222 by Wayne G Boyd
1995\09\05@102710 by Don McKenzie
1995\09\05@102710 by Don McKenzie
1995\09\05@102710 by Don McKenzie
1995\09\05@121731 by Darrel Johansen
1995\09\05@182008 by joolz
'This is a test'
1995\09\06@122147 by Stammnes V.G.S
1995\09\06@125750 by David Tait
'piclist digest'
1995\09\07@081619 by Siegfried Grob
'subscribe piclist'
1995\09\08@040259 by nigelg
'New list server available'
1995\09\08@162255 by Bruce Perens
'Ok, this is the last time... I promise.'
1995\09\21@224611 by Andrew Warren
'===> List of over 1,'
1995\09\30@212949 by Patricia Loring
1995\09\30@212949 by Patricia Loring

'===> List of over 1,'
1995\10\02@001620 by Daniel Oshaben
1995\10\02@001620 by Daniel Oshaben
1995\10\02@144920 by PETE KLAMMER

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