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'International shipping. Was: RE: [OT]on ebay,one g'
2006\04\27@090616 by Xiaofan Chen

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On 4/27/06, Picdude <> wrote:
> Probably due to the hassle?  For me (in the US), when I have to ship anywhere outside the U.S., UPS is expensive, and I don't do Fedex since they're very unreliable, so customers choose USPS Global Express with Insurance.  (If I don't offer USPS, then they won't buy due to the high shipping cost).  But USPS is still a pain.  Sometimes their website lets me create the order completely...that's rare.  Sometimes it does not let me put insurance on.  Sometimes I'll fill out and print the customs forms online, but the post office says that they don't recognize that, so I need to re-fill out their in-store version of the form.  And sometimes they want to see what's in the package before it's sealed up.  In all but the first situation, I have to physically go over to the post office and wait in line.  Major hassle and burns lots of time.  I usually print out a tech doc or take a magazine so I can catch up on some reading when I have to go to the post office.

I think the USPS service are not bad from my limited past experience. The queue
was in general longer and the process was a bit longer but the price was right.

In Singapore the postal service is also good. I shiped my failed Dell
600M back to US using the postal service since it was much cheaper.
There was a problem with insurance though. My friend sent back the
notebook to me using Fedex though since the price was oaky from US.

Still I will prefer to use Fedex/UPS/DHL for internation shipping. The tracking
system of the postal service is not as good as Fedex/UPS/DHL. I do not
think Fedex is "very unriable". In fact I used Fedex most often since to me it
is better associated to fast shipping than the other two.


2006\04\28@104022 by Gerhard Fiedler

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Peter wrote:

> So one should concentrate on small packages/items only ? (something with very
> high value/weight ratio ?) - just kidding

I think I've read that they are starting to use the postal services to send
cocaine and similar products. Pretty high value/weight ratio... :)


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