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'Interfacing to MAXIM serial A/D and D/A'
1995\06\18@192903 by nino.benci

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Has anyone connected any of the MAXIM serial A/D and D/A's to any
PIC, especially the 16C71. This may be a simple question but for some
reason or other I cannot get the sample code in the Embedded
Controller Handbook, the one relating to interfacing to 93Cxx series
serial EEPROM's to work. I have tried to modify the code so that I
get 12 bit data as two 8 bit bytes into memory on the PIC. I
use the code in 4 wire mode and have checked that I am using
the correct clock phase. Data output is via a 1200 bps serial
line to a PC, this works as I issue a 'G' command to start
conversion of the A/D. When completed the 16 bit value should
be returned as two 8 bit bytes. Nothing happens. I have data
and clocking on the DO and CLK lines but nary a sign of life.
I also provide an 'O xxxx' which allows me to send a 12 bit value to
a D/A, same result, NOTHING. I know the 1200 bps
serial line works as it operates in FULL DUPLEX mode. Either the
format is incorrect or I have done something gravely wrong. Any
clues would be most appreciated

Nino Benci
Monash University - Physics
Wellington Rd, Clayton.
tel - 61 3 9905 3649    fax - 61 3 9905 3637
email -
* Nino Benci - Chief Technical Officer       *                         *
* Monash University - Physics                *     Profound message    *
* Wellington Rd, Clayton. 3168               *      to be inserted     *
* Victoria, Australia.                       *       in the near       *
* TEL - 61 3 9905 3649, FAX - 61 3 9905 3637 *          future         *
* EMAIL -       *                         *

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