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'Interfacing Nokia'
1998\07\23@022958 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

now I have an interesting problem, I hope someone can help with any ideas.
The problem is the following: we need to communicate between PC's for a
long distance so the boss decided to do it using GSM cellular phones and
SMS. Nokia offers a serial cable, and a software you can enter a SMS and
it will be sent to the particular party. So far, so good.

However, that tricky software runs under W'95, and it is not acceptable
(the project must run stand-alone, in industrial environment; no fancy
stuff!). And that tricky software creates a fake port communicating with
it. I. e. if I have COM1 and COM2, it makes COM3, and talks thru it. This
fake port does a lot of bit-bashing, so to send normal AT codes to COM1 or
whatever the true physical port is, makes no sense. Strange, that writing
COM3 does the job. Now my question:

does know anybody what is the conversion algorythm during COM3 passing? Is
there somewhat literature?

Any help is kindly appreciated.


1998\07\23@025706 by Gordon Couger

Contact Nomadics at 405 372 9535 they have done what you want.

If you have CDPD in your area it works a lot easier and I think it is
If you go the CDPD route I can help you a lot.

Good luck

Gordon Couger
624 Cheyenne
Stillwater, OK 74075
405 624-2855   GMT -6:00
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1998\07\23@034142 by tjaart

Dr. Imre Bartfai wrote:

{Quote hidden}

Our GSM modem is cheaper than the phone, and we also supply full documentation.You can do full WIN95
dial-up networking etc.
Have a look at

Friendly Regards

Tjaart van der Walt

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