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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Found problem with WWW interface to CCI files'
1995\02\28@112128 by Lou Sortman

'RESOURCE: Web interface now available'
1995\03\27@105119 by Kyler B Laird

'Telephone - Interface'
1995\05\18@115123 by Doug Sellner
1995\05\18@155209 by John M Johnson
1995\05\18@161322 by Jerry Ethridge

'Hard Disk interface'
1995\06\09@130521 by Chuck McManis
'Robot Circuits: Capture Interface for velocity fee'
1995\06\11@155516 by leeh
1995\06\11@155518 by leeh

'12-bit/16bit A/D interface to PIC ?'
1995\07\06@150944 by Gangguo Gu
1995\07\10@210645 by nino.benci

'Serial Interface'
1995\08\20@112200 by Mark A. Corio
'AN591 code ? (ADB interface)'
1995\08\28@074545 by Markus Imhof
1995\08\28@155904 by Doug Sellner

'Macintosh Serial Interface?'
1995\12\01@022310 by Ben Kwok-Yiu Li
1995\12\01@084235 by Lee Jones
1995\12\01@084856 by Chris Smolinski
1995\12\01@110926 by mark bolding
1995\12\01@121524 by David Tait
1995\12\02@013821 by Steve Childress
1995\12\02@205716 by AV Presentations
'PC keyboard interface'
1995\12\16@021024 by Christenson [N3EOP]
1995\12\16@102234 by mauricio
1995\12\16@164257 by chris

'How to interface a power rail to a I/O port for se'
1996\05\30@055547 by NEIL GANDLER
1996\05\30@070149 by Wolfram Liebchen
1996\05\30@105744 by Mark K Sullivan

'RS-232 interface / read write table'
1996\06\09@133113 by David S. Ebsen
1996\06\10@023804 by Jattie van der Linde

'Interface to HPIB'
1996\07\29@204605 by Dan Goodwin

'Interface to handheld image scanners'
1996\09\11@054837 by Peter Grey
1996\09\11@092115 by R.J.Smith

'implementing SPI, QSPI, or Microwire interfaces'
1996\10\02@222058 by Gerry Smith
1996\10\03@032606 by Herve Cousin
'Simple I/R Interface'
1996\10\03@101436 by myke predko
'implementing SPI, QSPI, or Microwire interfaces'
1996\10\03@195604 by Gael Waiche
'Simple I/R Interface: Myke's method'
1996\10\04@005304 by Steve Hardy
1996\10\04@095524 by myke predko
'Phone Interface'
1996\10\06@082229 by Ricardo Barbosa
'PIC16C84 to DS1202 Calendar chip interface'
1996\10\31@014916 by Ken Parkyn

'PIC interface with ISO-7816 Smart Card'
1996\11\04@020416 by Chong Wei Pang
1996\11\05@070454 by Francesco Loconte
1996\11\05@085538 by Luigi Rizzo
1996\11\06@113512 by Francesco Loconte
'16c84 lcd interface'
1996\11\15@182252 by Tony Matthews
1996\11\15@193115 by Bob Blick
'Low power RTC chip with serial interface'
1996\11\17@063505 by Zemin Liu
1996\11\17@082849 by maud
1996\11\17@160617 by Don McKenzie
1996\11\18@002934 by tjaart
1996\11\18@021446 by nigelg
1996\11\18@132849 by Matthew Mucker
1996\11\18@133917 by Shawn Ellis
1996\11\20@145451 by Juan Jose Abba
1996\11\22@053536 by John Payson

'Serial LCD Interface'
1997\01\13@085707 by Ben Wirz
'casio interface'
1997\01\13@104310 by rcatena
1997\01\13@142733 by Tim Kerby

'phone interface'
1997\02\03@095801 by Clewer,Brian
1997\02\03@102956 by John Payson
1997\02\03@115518 by Christopher Zguris
1997\02\03@124300 by engmessi
1997\02\03@143933 by Tim Kerby
1997\02\03@170619 by TONY NIXON 54964
1997\02\03@171027 by Andrew Warren
1997\02\03@180236 by Lee Jones
1997\02\03@185628 by Christopher Zguris
1997\02\03@191100 by Glenn Johansson
'phone interface -Reply'
1997\02\05@001729 by Rob Bruce-Brand
'phone interface- CML DETAILS'
1997\02\06@020836 by Rob Bruce-Brand
'Job Offer - Allen Bradley DH485 Interface!'
1997\02\24@223736 by James Fillmore
'Contract Offer - Allen Bradley DH485 Interface'
1997\02\25@093822 by James Fillmore
'Job Offer - Allen Bradley DH485 Interface!'
1997\02\25@132835 by Ed VanderPloeg
1997\02\25@141448 by Shawn Ellis
'apology: Job Offer - Allen Bradley DH485 Interface'
1997\02\25@145732 by Ed VanderPloeg
'Please Advise on Memory Interface to PIC'
1997\02\28@011834 by jattievdl
1997\02\28@061203 by Gvran Mvrk
1997\02\28@061536 by Wolfgang Feller

'Thermo Couple Interface'
1997\03\05@025758 by lmclaren
1997\03\05@104628 by Brian Read
1997\03\06@030800 by lmclaren
'Sharp ZQ-1250 Interface'
1997\03\06@040641 by Dan Lloyd
'Thermo Couple Interface'
1997\03\06@173048 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.
1997\03\06@223205 by Eric Smith
1997\03\07@015159 by John Dammeyer
'hardware RS232 interface'
1997\03\17@041014 by Lee Jones
'DS1620 Digital Thermometer interface'
1997\03\18@205501 by Jean-Francois Joly
1997\03\19@181902 by Jean-Francois Joly
1997\03\19@203957 by Byron A Jeff
1997\03\20@224341 by francisco Miretti
1997\03\24@223051 by francisco Miretti
1997\03\24@223104 by francisco Miretti

'Pic > Centronics printer interface'
1997\04\10@084322 by Jim Main
1997\04\10@090201 by Todd Peterson
1997\04\11@025924 by Wolfram Liebchen
1997\04\11@154258 by Todd Peterson
1997\04\11@230459 by .EDU>
'serial interface to pic question'
1997\04\19@130847 by Berg, Russ: SAS
1997\04\19@132301 by mike
'Picstart firmware upgrades. ( was serial interface'
1997\04\19@211420 by Don McKenzie

'[PICS] LCD interface'
1997\05\28@161506 by bennett
1997\05\29@130059 by Bruce Cannon
1997\05\29@152043 by Wayne Bennett
'PIC & LCD LCD interfaces'
1997\05\29@154715 by wft
'LCD interface'
1997\05\30@033103 by Osama ALASSIRY

'[PICS] LCD interface'
1997\06\02@182418 by Steve Smith
'Sorry there was typo on TTL to RS-232 interface'
1997\06\06@200829 by wft

'Panasonic interface request'
1997\07\08@062944 by Eugene Gil
'WTB: Picmaster PC interface card'
1997\07\10@151308 by rzeff
'Using a PIC to interface with PCM'
1997\07\11@032226 by wterreb
1997\07\11@050313 by blunn
'PC interface to PIC chips'
1997\07\17@091313 by Steve Henry
'485 interface?'
1997\07\17@155710 by Martin McCormick
1997\07\24@171129 by Steve Smith
1997\07\24@174626 by Eric Martens
1997\07\25@140338 by Mike
'Promate command line interface'
1997\07\31@121331 by Matt Bonner
1997\07\31@151601 by hug
1997\07\31@161037 by Larry G. Nelson Sr.

'SDI-12 Interface'
1997\08\07@121816 by 'Grif' w. keith griffith
'IIC interface - was Re: Heating strips'
1997\08\08@070149 by Russell McMahon
'Pic interface to Internal modem.'
1997\08\20@222647 by Dooley, Tom
1997\08\20@234439 by John Payson

'Slightly Off Topic the Human Interface'
1997\09\02@121013 by Martin McCormick
1997\09\02@124432 by Engineering Department
'Stamp/PIC -> PC via Keyboard Interface.'
1997\09\25@031923 by Andrew McDonald
1997\09\25@124055 by Steve Lawther
'Test Instrument interface specification.'
1997\09\26@000951 by Peter Homann
1997\09\27@021045 by Nigel Goodwin
'ISA bus IRQ interface'
1997\09\28@221620 by Sean Breheny
1997\09\28@224055 by Peter Wintulich
1997\09\28@224912 by Sean Breheny
1997\09\28@230544 by Alan G. Smith
1997\09\28@231351 by Peter Wintulich
1997\09\28@231957 by Sean Breheny
1997\09\29@215547 by jorgegf
1997\09\30@200945 by Frans Gunawan

'Code for Serial Interface Adapter for TC500 a/d'
1997\10\02@114939 by Shane Nelson
1997\10\02@161050 by Mark Hellman
1997\10\02@165013 by Shane Nelson
1997\10\03@024926 by Mark Hellman
'PIC and AS-Interface'
1997\10\22@052727 by Steen S. Jensen
'Implementation of 'CAN' interface Help ?'
1997\10\26@064330 by David Armstrong
1997\10\27@120007 by Matt Bonner
1997\10\27@191903 by Martin Darwin
1997\10\27@232352 by Krishna Murphy
1997\10\28@111456 by STEENKAMP [M.ING E&E]
'Mouse Interface'
1997\10\30@120804 by Mark Birks
1997\10\30@143139 by Paul BRITTON
1997\10\31@125140 by Steve Smith

1997\11\15@062338 by TORRENS SR
1997\11\15@065952 by Eric van Es
1997\11\15@071025 by Ivan Cenov
'Please try my LCD serial interface'
1997\11\17@011220 by wernerte
1997\11\17@035505 by Nikos Revenides
'I2C Interface on PIC16C74'
1997\11\19@064429 by MR DA WHITEHOUSE
1997\11\19@071958 by Andrew Warren
1997\11\24@035514 by Thomas Magin

'IR Remote control interfaceing?'
1997\12\02@112714 by SHAWN ELLIS
1997\12\02@115528 by Martin R. Green
'Sound FX / CD-ROM drive interface'
1997\12\24@121337 by Ben Suffolk

'[OT] Telco Interface (chip info)'
1998\01\06@102407 by Harrison Cooper
'Floppy disc drive interface'
1998\01\15@104827 by Gareth McClean
'One pin interface'
1998\01\29@084913 by Morgan Olsson
1998\01\29@115416 by SHAWN ELLIS
1998\01\29@123847 by Tom Mariner
1998\01\29@134212 by davewave
1998\01\29@144457 by Morgan Olsson
1998\01\30@021127 by wft
1998\01\30@051810 by wwl
1998\01\30@051813 by wwl
'one pin interface Morgan'
1998\01\30@155354 by wft

'Touchpad interface'
1998\02\01@025103 by Dave Mullenix
1998\02\01@114031 by Charles Laforge
'noisy field sensor interface'
1998\02\04@071816 by Harrison Cooper
'What is I2C interface? Will it work with Scott Edw'
1998\02\12@103703 by
1998\02\12@105434 by WF AUTOMACAO
'[STAMPS] What is I2C interface?'
1998\02\12@152034 by Neil Durant
1998\02\12@224809 by
'LCD graphics interface'
1998\02\15@151117 by rgiod
1998\02\25@153520 by rgiod
'PIC 16c84 4bit LCD interface - I need help'
1998\02\26@074242 by Ralf Sigmund
1998\02\26@084633 by Lauri Pirttiaho
1998\02\26@124602 by Steve Lawther
1998\02\26@124607 by mike
1998\02\26@221805 by Adi
1998\02\27@003829 by Mark Lezama
1998\02\27@015502 by Philippe

'LCD Interface ?'
1998\03\01@190517 by regeman
'SX-Key interface specification NOT available :-('
1998\03\03@163454 by Eric Smith
1998\03\03@185339 by peter
'PIC 16c84 4bit LCD interface - I need help'
1998\03\03@202406 by Ron Kreymborg
'SX-Key interface specification NOT available :-('
1998\03\06@131330 by Craig Webb
'[OT] M-8888 interface.'
1998\03\13@181854 by ogerio Odriozola
'RS422 interface for PCI bus'
1998\03\15@024332 by Mark G. Forbes
'PIC - VGA LCD interface question'
1998\03\24@141226 by Gary T. Pepper
'SPI software interface needed'
1998\03\25@054400 by MARTON Andras Janos
1998\03\26@024850 by Mike Ghormley
1998\03\26@053626 by Leon Heller
'16F84 code to interface HD44780?'
1998\03\28@005935 by Dan Larson
'Interface audio signal'
1998\03\29@185251 by Fernando Santos

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