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'Intellimouse with MPLAB 4 problem'
1999\03\23@104303 by Ross Bencina

Hi there,

I'm using a Microsoft Intellimouse with MPLAB 4. Everytime i scroll text
using the wheel, I loose input focus and can't type anything. The only way I
have found to regain focus is to open a dialog and then close it again.

I havn't installed the MPLAB patches, so I'm wondering if they fix the
problem? I don't want to download all of them just to see if they fix it.



1999\03\23@122649 by John Bellini

It's a common problem with the Intellimouse and MPLAB.  I push the save
project button re-gain focus.

There are patches for MPLAB 4?  Where are they?  I'll down load them and
try it out.


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1999\03\23@132451 by Bob Blick

I have the same problem in Acrobat Reader 3 - I've learned not to use the
wheel in those two programs. Is Acrobat also written in Borland C, like


1999\03\24@011049 by Tom Handley

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  Ross, I have the same problem with a few programs. I click on the Start
menu button in the task bar and then click outside of the menu to close the
Start menu and regain focus. It's a minor pain but I like the wheel.

  - Tom

At 02:03 AM 3/24/99 +1030, Ross Bencina wrote:
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'Intellimouse with MPLAB 4 problem'
1999\05\06@144916 by Alan.King
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 Finally found the answer for this and it's simple.  Just go into the
Mouse under Control Panel, select Wheel and at the bottom add MPLAB to
the list of applications to exclude from universal scrolling.  What's
better, once you do this the wheel works like it should, just some
incompatability with the universal scrolling..  May need to get the
intellimouse 2.0 update, since that's what I have.

Tom Handley wrote:
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