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'Intel HEX formats'
1995\01\04@160505 by crocontroller discussion list

>Is the format of the Intel HEX file available in electronic format
>somewhere?  Or is it so simple that someone can just quote it in an
>e-mail message?

The Intel Hex Format is viewable by a text editor where you will find
the following for example.


Looking at the second line for reference you have:

The new line marker   :
Then the first two bytes are the number of data bytes in the record  06
Then is a 4 byte address   0010
Followed by the record type   00    (01 means EOF)
Then the actual data bytes followed by a two byte check sum    DE

The check sum is the 2's complement of all preceding bytes in the record for

6h + 10h + 2h + Ah = 22h = 00100010b

Take 2's complement =      11011101b

                            +    1

                          11011110b   = DEh

I hope this helps.

Joseph D. West
Electronics Lab. Supervisor
College of Mechanical Eng.
Ohio State University

(614) 292-2845
Fax (614) 292-3163

1995\01\05@001901 by crocontroller discussion list

Jason E Gorden wrote:

>Is the format of the Intel HEX file available in electronic format
> ....
>I just want to write a simple filter to add device information to the
>output generated by the PCM C compiler for use with PEP84 and the
>Parallax programmer.


Be careful... The addresses in the HEX file may not correspond exactly
to the addresses in your PIC, since the 16C84 uses 14-bit words and the
Intel Hex (8-Bit Merged) format expects only an 8-bit byte at each

A quick look at the output of your compiler, using the information Joe
West posted, should make the correspondence between actual addresses
and HEX-file addresses clear.


Andrew Warren -
Fast Forward Engineering, Vista, California

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