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'Ink-link technology?'
2002\07\31@081705 by Chris Wheeler

From: "Pic Dude" <spam_OUTpicdudeTakeThisOuTspamPILOTTOOLS.COM>
> Got my eyes on a Seiko ink-link, but the obvious thought
> of making one has hit me.  I haven't actually touched/used
> one, but my guess is that there is some switch in the pen
> tip that triggers a "transmitter" to signal to a pair of
> proximity sensors in the "base".

The portable whiteboard system I have seen was two modules that the user
placed at the top corners of the board and it detected the pen with
infrared, my guess is that it actively scans the area just above the surface
and triangulates the tip.

The two units probly calibrate by finding each other, and perform distance
measurements, module to module. The color was selected, including the
eraser, by which pen was last removed from the the units base unit.


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