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'Injection Molding company - Lacey, WA'
1998\11\12@192430 by Mark Willis

(I promised to post this a while ago, then lost it - here it is.)

 This is the company that talked to me about small injection molds for
circa $3000 for mold & first samples.  They're in Lacey, WA  (Next to
Olympia, about 60 miles or so south of here);  They sounded pretty
interested in my connector problem, which I need to get back to them on
when I get some money saved up!

 Delphi O.E.M. Co.
 Frank Davies
 2309 Trillium Street Southeast
 Lacey, WA  98503-3468
 (360) 491-3355

 I don't know of a URL or e-mail address, sorry.

 From talking to them, they may well be willing to cope with group
setups (i.e. 2 of my part - 3 of someone else's - 4 of yet another
person's on the same mold) if done in a reasonable manner, so that $3000
could be split (You'd want to end up with folks who wanted compatible
production runs.  Same material, all a multiple of the same quantity,

 Mark Willis,

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