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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'basic stamp infrared'
1995\07\03@004620 by Mike Brothers
1995\07\03@022940 by Andrew Warren
1995\07\03@035912 by Lotty
1995\07\03@113250 by Benjamin Britt

'[OT] Infrared CCD'
1998\02\26@040540 by Giorgio Alboni
1998\02\26@043525 by Calvin
1998\02\26@082942 by Gary T. Pepper
1998\02\26@100356 by John Shreffler
1998\02\26@122918 by Pedro Barrios
1998\02\26@144756 by John Shreffler
1998\02\26@154554 by Max Toole
1998\02\26@155031 by Pedro Barrios
1998\02\26@155546 by Herbert Graf
1998\02\26@181036 by Pat Reitelbach

'Infrared Event Counter for Animal Trails'
1998\03\23@143052 by Bill Kennedy

'[OT] InfraRed Sensors'
1998\05\14@111915 by Justin Grimm
1998\05\14@193119 by Pandit Panburana
1998\05\15@163815 by Janet and Carl McIver

'help infrared detector want read right when motor '
1998\08\22@123232 by Kent Berry
1998\08\23@194329 by Martin McCormick
1998\08\23@195823 by Mike Ghormley
'help infrared detector want read how do i ground i'
1998\08\23@203035 by Kent Berry
1998\08\24@012258 by Mike Ghormley
'help infrared detector want read right when motor '
1998\08\24@110802 by Nigel Goodwin

'RC5 infrared protocol'
1999\01\17@102614 by Marcos Migliorini
1999\01\17@133642 by Ray Doerr
1999\01\17@141149 by Jim Paul
1999\01\17@144803 by Marcos Migliorini
1999\01\17@145634 by Bob Blick
1999\01\17@181500 by ryan pogge
1999\01\18@112417 by Brian Aase
'Antwort: Re: RC5 infrared protocol'
1999\01\18@113415 by Thomas.Magin
'RC5 infrared protocol'
1999\01\18@113419 by The shadoW
1999\01\18@154324 by Peter Tran
1999\01\18@160539 by The shadoW
1999\01\18@165606 by Brian Aase
1999\01\18@170023 by Brian Aase
'Antwort: Re: RC5 infrared protocol'
1999\01\18@172931 by Ray Doerr
'RC5 infrared protocol'
1999\01\19@062948 by Gavin Jackson
1999\01\19@062959 by keithh
1999\01\19@103744 by Caisson
1999\01\19@164614 by Goovaerts
1999\01\19@173534 by Ray Doerr
1999\01\19@175630 by Brian Aase
'RC5 infrared project files'
1999\01\20@123908 by Alan Nickerson
'Antwort: Re: RC5 infrared protocol'
1999\01\21@015304 by Javier
1999\01\21@063554 by Ray Doerr

'[OT] Gameboy color w/infrared'
1999\08\06@224120 by wft
1999\08\07@003603 by Bob Blick
'[TO] Infrared parts wanted'
1999\08\18@184838 by Jose Souto
'Win Ce & Infrared port'
1999\08\21@005949 by Javier
1999\08\22@191242 by Eric Oliver
'Win Ce & Infrared port [OT]'
1999\08\23@061015 by Steve Lawther

'infrared camera/nite vision'
1999\11\04@215413 by Mike M
1999\11\04@220150 by Tony Nixon
1999\11\04@220838 by John Waters
1999\11\05@071615 by paulb
1999\11\05@071629 by Clyde Smith-Stubbs
1999\11\05@103822 by Lea
1999\11\05@212937 by Brian Kraut
1999\11\05@220734 by Sean Breheny

'Infrared decoding... Remote's'
2000\01\16@002106 by Norman Tomlins
2000\01\16@023853 by Dan Creagan
2000\01\16@132216 by Wagner Lipnharski
2000\01\16@132634 by Tim Hamel
2000\01\16@155328 by Nigel Goodwin
2000\01\16@192013 by dvdmods

'[PIC]: Temperature measurement with infrared commu'
2000\08\27@102015 by Jilles Oldenbeuving

'[EE]: Infrared audio'
2000\09\23@075101 by Russell McMahon
2000\09\24@162021 by Lance Allen
2000\09\25@121535 by M. Adam Davis
2000\09\25@225525 by Michael Shiloh
2000\09\25@231003 by Dan Michaels

'[EE]: Infrared Receiver Module - Pinout please!'
2001\01\04@233322 by Bala Chandar
2001\01\05@005941 by Dan Michaels
2001\01\05@011905 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman
2001\01\05@013743 by Bala Chandar
2001\01\05@022238 by Roman Black
2001\01\05@102924 by Olin Lathrop
2001\01\05@111701 by Steven J. Devine
2001\01\06@024017 by Bala Chandar
2001\01\06@025051 by Roman Black
2001\01\06@045525 by Bala Chandar

'[PIC]: problems when using an infrared serial inte'
2001\02\06@180611 by joan ilari
2001\02\06@183007 by Richard Sloan
2001\02\06@210546 by Olin Lathrop
2001\02\07@013221 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman
2001\02\07@034322 by Stephen B Webb
2001\02\07@052905 by Jinx
2001\02\07@054350 by Jinx
'[PICLIST] RC5 infrared protocol'
2001\02\12@121122 by Talmage Wesley
2001\02\12@121551 by Talmage Wesley
2001\02\12@150835 by Andy Stephenson
2001\02\12@151649 by jamesnewton
2001\02\12@153958 by Brian Aase
2001\02\23@131744 by Talmage Wesley
'[EE]: Infrared Detector vs Pet'
2001\02\27@110809 by Simon Ethier
2001\02\27@114202 by Ray Russell
2001\02\27@115218 by Simon Ethier
2001\02\27@120212 by Justin Fielding
2001\02\27@122132 by Simon Ethier
2001\02\27@122808 by Justin Fielding
2001\02\27@123004 by Ray Russell
2001\02\27@125043 by O'Reilly John E NORC
2001\02\27@125249 by Terry
2001\02\27@133305 by James Paul
2001\02\27@141344 by Simon Ethier
2001\02\27@142420 by Pedro Drummond
2001\02\27@145105 by Justin Fielding
2001\02\27@152052 by Sean Breheny
2001\02\27@152907 by t F. Touchton
2001\02\27@153946 by Sean H. Breheny
2001\02\27@154812 by t F. Touchton
2001\02\27@161058 by Thomas McGahee
2001\02\27@162317 by Simon Ethier
2001\02\27@162745 by Justin Fielding
2001\02\27@172013 by Jinx
2001\02\27@172632 by Jinx
2001\02\27@174717 by Scott Dattalo
2001\02\27@181520 by Jinx
2001\02\27@190933 by Justin Fielding
2001\02\27@213049 by Jinx
2001\02\27@215752 by Olin Lathrop
2001\02\27@221527 by Jinx
2001\02\27@233525 by Sean H. Breheny
2001\02\28@025943 by Vasile Surducan
2001\02\28@035016 by Andy Stubbins
2001\02\28@090534 by Olin Lathrop
2001\02\28@091344 by t F. Touchton
2001\02\28@105731 by Simon Ethier
2001\02\28@175814 by Jinx
2001\02\28@194516 by Reginald Neale

'[EE]: Infrared Detector vs Pet'
2001\03\01@063632 by Vasile Surducan
2001\03\01@072049 by Mark Moldavsky
2001\03\01@123600 by rottosen
2001\03\01@124436 by Alan B. Pearce
2001\03\01@165846 by rottosen
2001\03\01@170712 by Dan Goddard
2001\03\02@080108 by Alan B. Pearce

'[EE]: Infrared optoelectronics -which to use ?'
2001\09\03@095112 by nrad Labuschagne

'[EE]: Source of Infrared Sensors, detectors and IC'
2001\11\12@070243 by Ramana B.V
2001\11\12@073148 by lester
2001\11\12@105159 by Martin Peach
2001\11\12@172509 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman

'[EE]: Measurment of distance via infrared?'
2002\03\28@130447 by angus morrison
2002\03\28@131110 by Douglas Butler
2002\03\28@132616 by H. Carl Ott
2002\03\28@133900 by Tim McDonough
'[EE]: Measurment of distance via infrared/sonar?'
2002\03\28@144420 by angus morrison
2002\03\28@145917 by Eoin Ross
2002\03\28@150440 by H. Carl Ott
2002\03\28@150846 by Eoin Ross
'[PICLIST] Measurment of distance via infrared?'
2002\03\28@151945 by Dave Mumert
'[EE]: Measurment of distance via infrared/sonar?'
2002\03\28@153920 by Angus Morrison
'[EE]: Measurment of distance via infrared?'
2002\03\28@193534 by michael brown

'[EE]: Measurment of distance via infrared?'
2002\04\02@033424 by Archmage
2002\04\02@120227 by Dave Mumert
2002\04\02@125957 by Herbert Graf

'[PIC]: How to implement a Infrared communications'
2002\06\30@142734 by Gabriel Caffese
2002\06\30@151207 by Tan Chun Chiek
2002\06\30@172812 by j
2002\06\30@173018 by Andrew Errington
2002\06\30@181543 by Olin Lathrop
2002\06\30@220806 by Jinx
2002\06\30@222301 by Russell McMahon
'[PIC]: A bit more on "How to implement a Infrared '
2002\06\30@225219 by Gabriel Caffese
2002\06\30@231144 by Andrew Errington
2002\06\30@232218 by Gabriel Caffese
'[PIC]: How to implement a Infrared communications'
2002\06\30@233658 by Jinx
'[PIC]: A bit more on"How to implement a Infrared'
2002\06\30@234311 by Jinx
'[PIC]: A bit more on "How to implement a Infrared'
2002\06\30@234934 by Andrew Errington

'[PIC]: A bit more on"How to implement a Infrared'
2002\07\01@003153 by hard Prosser
2002\07\01@004445 by Jinx
2002\07\01@010138 by Gabriel Caffese
2002\07\01@010958 by Tan Chun Chiek
'[PIC]: A bit moreon"How to implement a Infrared'
2002\07\01@032932 by Jinx
'[PIC]: A bit more on"How to implement a Infrared'
2002\07\01@043911 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman
2002\07\01@050027 by Russell McMahon
'[PIC]: A bit moreon"How to implement a Infrared'
2002\07\01@055548 by Jinx
'[PIC]: A bit more on "How to implement a Infrared'
2002\07\01@080407 by Olin Lathrop
'[PIC]: A bit more on"How to implement a Infrared'
2002\07\01@081411 by Olin Lathrop
2002\07\01@100513 by Russell McMahon
2002\07\01@145055 by Peter L. Peres
2002\07\01@145100 by Peter L. Peres
2002\07\01@145109 by Peter L. Peres
2002\07\01@160400 by uter van ooijen & floortje hanneman

'[EE]:Manufacturer of InfraRed Tx/Rx -photodiode in'
2002\08\21@015521 by Pang

'[PIC]: Infrared Communications'
2002\09\11@014642 by Robert Wade
2002\09\11@021132 by Jinx
2002\09\11@022734 by Vasile Surducan
2002\09\11@043613 by Jinx
2002\09\11@075216 by Robert Wade
2002\09\11@094242 by Russell McMahon
2002\09\11@104000 by Aart
2002\09\11@105000 by Jason Neudorf
2002\09\11@185818 by Jinx
2002\09\11@220645 by Robert Wade
2002\09\11@220845 by Robert Wade
2002\09\11@233604 by Jinx
2002\09\12@005933 by Robert Wade

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