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'In-circuit prog. and other matters.'
1997\05\09@194258 by Don McKenzie

Tony Matthews wrote:
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I used what I call a bulldozer approach. This requires a 4PDT switch and
target board that is suitably designed to accept a programming cable.
I/We also are programming SimmSticks with 84's in circuit. Again the
target SimmStick
is isolated from other hardware with the 4PDT switch, and a suitably
designed programmer.

If you can design your target board to suit, this principle works a
There are many piclisters using this method. Isn't that right guys?

Take a look at:
for the circuit used. This may help.

BTW SimmSticks can be seen at:
and many new boards are being announced.

PS BTW More info on Picstart and Newfound programmer firmware upgrades
can be
seen at:

Don McKenzie

PICSTART and Newfound PIC Programmers Firmware Upgrades.
SLI, the serial LCD that auto detects baud rates from 100 to 125K bps.
SimmStick(tm) A PIC proto PCB the size of a 30 pin Simm Memory Module.
Send a blank message to for more info.

1997\05\10@135007 by Tim Kerby

picon face
Try looking in almost any issue of Everyday Practical Electronics.  They
use ISP in all their pic projects (18c84 but it should be pretty standard).
The software is available from their ftp site at

I can look out the circuit details if you want.  Hope it helps.


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PIC Site:
The PIC Pages are under construction and I am looking for projects

1997\05\11@022614 by Mike Ghormley

The URL for the FTP site for Everyday Practical Electronics as posted
by Tim has an error.  The server is case-sensitive.  The correct URL is:


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