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'In regards to you piclist post'
1997\08\08@131450 by Garrick A Kremesec


    Your information was incredibly useful, and the MAX3100 seems
extrodinary, but I was really interested in driving 2 or even three
(if I'm greedy) RS232 lines of communication, both full-duplex, from say a
16C74a.  One line would go to a PC connected to a wireless network, and
the other is connected to several IC's.  I need some sort of asyncrohnous
serial MUX or something.  Any ideas anyone?

How about a different micro-C?  I know there are some new Microchip
controllers that have two discrete UART's, but I could never afford to use
those at this stage.  Thanks.

Garrick Kremesec
Beckman Institute - RA

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