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'In circuit programming problems.'
1997\04\21@035341 by Otmar Ebenhoech

       Any ideas as to what the best programmer is for in circuit programming?
I have a design that is having trouble with in circuit programming using
the picstart 16C. I use a '73A. Rb6 and Rb7 have 20K ohm between them. They
also drive the input of a 5V logic chip.  I've put a fast buffer on Vpp and
Vdd. Still the Picstart 16C errors out after a adress or two. I've tried
the picstart plus and it's worse. It won't even blank check the parts. (I
just love destroying all these OTP parts! :-)
       I suspect that the long leads and parasitic effects are causing the
pic to miss data on the Rb6/7 pins. The Picstart seems to be pushing some
of the clock pulses fast to make up time, I figure those are the ones that
are not getting through.
       Does anyone know what programmers would be a bit slower in the
clock and data timing? Or has anyone sucessfully slowed down a Picstart
16C? At this stage in the game I would be happy to buy any programmer that
would pull it off.


  Otmar Ebenhoech                        Electric Vehicle Components Ltd.
    "I wish I die sleeping like my grandfather,
                           not screaming in terror like his passengers."                                         (415) 494-9255

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