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'In System Calibration[OT]'
1999\05\04@125807 by Lawrence Lile

I've also used Testpoint, and it's a great program.  It would probably be
able to handle such an ISP system , and that's the way I would approach the
problem too.  It would be a complex thing to produce.

Commercial production would probably have to go with the $100,000 solution
you mentioned.  Got any names of manufacturers?

I've goofed around with "assuming" the temperature in the factory and
calibrating temperature sensitive equipment, and got burned bad.  I finally
made a test jig that blows a stream of ambient air at a temperature
sensitive component, and simultaneously checks a "known good" component at
that same temperature in the same airstream, thus getting around any complex
calculations.  This was not an ISP system, however, just a go-nogo tester.

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