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PICList Thread
'Improving (or beginning) PIC skills'
1997\05\26@205648 by ags

I have seen quite a bit of discussion on this list recently about beginning
PIC skills or improving those skills.
I wrote a program called PICBots that allows you to write code for a
PIC16C74 which controls a robot and then let multiple of these robots fight
against each other.
This is great for:
 - Learning how to use the PIC processor without having to invest in any
 - Intro to robotics or to test out robotic algorithms
 - Try out a new compiler/assembler for the PIC 16C74
 - Having contests with your friends to see who can make the best Bot!
 - Improving your PIC skills as you practice making different Bots.

It is free and can be downloaded from

(This uses DirectX and so it only runs on Win95, NT 4.0, Memphis, and NT
5.0.  (It has been tested on all of these.))



Alan G. Smith

| Alan G. Smith

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