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'If Intel, why AMD or Cyrix?'
1998\10\26@215228 by Starfire Zhu

Hi, Piclisters,

I don't wanna explain too much. If some people don't like my service
they'd better keep up with their genuine ones, and let others enjoy

I am both a technician and a businessman. That's why I have been doing
things this way. I want more friends from the piclist circles and I am
always a puiple asking for intructions from you!

I hope PIClist will always be fairland for us emthusiasts to learn more
and profit more!

===============  Starfire Zhu  ===================
Work for success!   Share fruit with friends!
Tel: 86-756-2236157  2115540   FAX: 2115541
Email:      ICQ#:7037093

1998\10\26@221546 by James Cameron

Starfire Zhu wrote:
> I don't wanna explain too much.

Why not?  Not enough time?  You perceive the cost of an explanation to
outweigh the benefit?  That's helpful of you.

International English is not an exact language, and what you think you
might be saying isn't anything like what some of us think we are

Input != Output.

James Cameron                                    (
Digital Equipment Corporation (Australia) Pty. Ltd. A.C.N. 000 446 800

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