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'ISR mind of its own'
1999\11\01@235436 by Mike M

The code i wrote below was taken out of another program i was working on but hav
ing trouble with the delay routine.  When i simulate it with MPLAB by stepping t
hrough line for line i notice that in the countdown loop for the delay when the
variable INNER = 0, it should execute the line "bcf PORTA, 0"..instead it jumps
to address 0X004.  The program is written as i simulated it i also tried setting
the Option register to 0 as well as intcon, still jumps to address h004.  Any i
deas? maybe an error in my coding that im overlooking.

       list    P=16C84
       include ""
       RADIX DEC

       INNER   equ     11
       OUTER   equ     12

       movlw   0
       movwf   INTCON
       movlw   0
       tris    PORTA
       clrf    PORTA
       bsf     PORTA, 0
       movlw   5
Delay   movwf   OUTER           ; loop (w) times
outerl  call    delayms         ; at 1ms each
       decfsz  OUTER,f
       goto    outerl

delayms movlw   0xC7            ; Set the inner
       movwf   INNER           ; count
innerl  nop                     ; 5 cycles loop
       nop                     ; until done
       decfsz  INNER,f
       goto    innerl

       bcf     PORTA, 1


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1999\11\02@092843 by Mike Keitz

picon face
On Mon, 1 Nov 1999 23:48:29 -0500 Mike M <spam_OUTelektrikmanTakeThisOuTspamDYNAMITEMAIL.COM>

>         list    P=16C84
>         include ""
>         RADIX DEC
>         INNER   equ     11

Location 11 (decimal) on a 16C84 is the INTCON register.  Trying to use
it like RAM will cause a problem.  The general-purpose RAM starts at 12
(decimal) or 0x0C.

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