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'IR receivers (was TMR0 "gotcha")'
1996\07\08@212556 by Steve Hardy

> From: myke predko <spam_OUTmykeTakeThisOuTspamPASSPORT.CA>
> [cut]
> In any case, I've finally got my code to read two I/R Receivers working
> facing away from each other for virtually 360 degree coverage from a Sony TV
> Remote Control Transmitter.  When I was working on my own version of the
> "Runabout Robot", I found that only having one receiver could result in
> "blackouts" where the transmitted data wasn't being received.  Using two
> receivers, 180 degrees apart fixed this problem (but I had to figure out
> code to distinguish between the signals *not* coming in at the same 40KHz
> clock).  If anybody's interested in the code, please let me know.
> Myke

Regarding IR receiver module, did you ever consider getting a 360 degree
coverage by pointing the module _up_ then adding a reflector above it
which will direct IR from all around into the detector?  A suitable
reflector could be a small cone made out of aluminium foil.  The apex
should point down and have an included angle of 90deg.

Canberra, Australia

1996\07\09@103848 by myke predko

Hi Steve,

Good idea, no I haven't tried it (and, it would probably be very useable for
my application).

Of course you suggest it *after* I wire up my Robot...


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