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'IP / PPP on a PIC (AppNote724)'
2000\03\10@092722 by 077 (C.J.LAWS)

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I wonder if anyone can help.  I am an electronic engineering student at
the University of Birmingham and am attempting to implement IP on a PIC for
my final year project.  I am using MicroChip AppNote 724 ("Using PICmicro
MCUs to connect to the Internet via PPP") and have converted this to use a
seriallink to my NT server (running RAS) rather than a modem.

The connection reaches state 7 which is the final PPP negotiation and
then the PC times out as it fails to finish negotiations on the CCP
compression protocol. The code also gives CRC errors.  I have made an
alteration to allow the negotiation of autentication protocols but apart
from that and the changes to allow serial access, the code remains

Has anyone implemented this appnote.

Please, if you have any ideas then let me know.

Thanks for your time

Chris Laws

2000\03\10@121804 by jamesnewton

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You might want to look at
It implements TCP/IP open source on a 'F84 but the PPP part is not complete.
Mr. Petrov may be continuing this or interested in helping. You could send
an email to zhengxi at

If you do complete this project, please consider allowing me to add it to
the PICList project page.

See Also:

James Newton 1-619-652-0593 NEW! FINALLY A REAL NAME!
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