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PICList Thread
'ST5730 OSD Chip & PIC'
1998\12\02@055844 by Jacques Vrey

Hi to all

Does anyone out there have any experience hooking the SGS Thomson ST5730A to
a pic, in particular the pic16c/f84?

I'm in need of advice about the setting up of the ST5730 registers because
everything I've tried so far fails(that's if I'm doing it right and the
circuit(pretty sure it is) and pic code are ok).
I'm not convinced that my code is 100% but I like to think that it's ok for
now.... I just want to rule out all possibilities.

Any advice is welcome.

Datasheets for the ST5730A are available at:

more particularly...  (app note)

and (data sheet)

Please have a look at the datasheet & app note and if you care to comment,
I'd appreciate it.



Jacques Vrey

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