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'IIC troubles -Reply'
1997\05\08@204001 by Chee Foon Tiang

>My problem is 'If the last data bit has been read from the eeprom and the
>ack has been sent back from the eeprom, when I want to generate my stop
>bit on the next high of the scl, what is to stop the next bit of data
>coming from the eeprom (D7) interfering with my sda line going up?  If
>the data (D7) is low, the sda line will stay low even if the master
>wishes it to go up because of the open drain.'
>Thanks for any help in advance,
> Brian.

   If you are READing from the eeprom, the master is supposed to generate
   ACK bits.
   Upon reception of the last bit from the eeprom, you need to generate
   a NACK followed by a STOP.

   Peter Tiang

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