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'I2C routines PIC16C63 in ASM ???'
1998\11\26@124815 by Goovaerts

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<DIV>Could anybody send me the software for the <STRONG>I2C </STRONG>routines in
<STRONG>assembler</STRONG> for a<BR><STRONG>PIC16C63</STRONG> !!<BR>There are
two ways to program the I2C possibilities of the PIC : one by<BR>using the
<STRONG>SSP module </STRONG>and another one without using the SSP module.
If<BR>possible could you send me both.<BR></DIV></DIV></BODY></HTML>


1998\11\27@151051 by keithh

Goovaerts wrote:

> Could anybody send me the software for the I2C routines
> in assembler for a PIC16C63 !!

What do you wish to do with it?
If you only need to be a master acessing an EEPROM,
all you need is master software and the SSP is not needed.

If you want an all-singing all-dancing multimaster multislave
I2C network, there's a _lot_ more involved.

1998\11\27@152050 by Dr. Imre Bartfai

there is an AN for this (Interfacing 24LCxx or so). Look at If the number is required, I can look it for.

1998\11\27@160312 by Goovaerts

There's nothing to find at Microchip, believe me. I need to know, can I use
the SSP module to be the single master of an I2C bus with many slaves. If
yes, do you now how. Maybe some source code of the I2C routines using the
SSP module ??
-----Original Message-----
From: Dr. Imre Bartfai <spam_OUTrootTakeThisOuTspamPROF.PMMF.HU>
Date: vendredi 27 novembre 1998 21:26
Subject: Re: I2C routines PIC16C63 in ASM ???

>there is an AN for this (Interfacing 24LCxx or so). Look at
> If the number is required, I can look it for.

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