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'I2C max distance.'
1998\11\29@110258 by Mcorio

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Hi all,
Anyone know of a distance limitation to I2C?? I need to move 64MBytes of data
about 100 feet and would like to do it serially (at max rate and min cost).
This is a low-mid volume (10-100/yr) application. I2C sounds like it could
work (better than RS232). Any info or suggestions? Thanks.

Mark A. Corio
Rochester MicroSystems, Inc.
200 Buell Road, Suite 9
Rochester, NY  14624
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Fax: 716-328-1144
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1998\11\30@014009 by keller

I2C can go up to 1000 feet with the Philips driver chips.  I2C is pretty
slow.  Consider using RS485?  It can go up to a couple thousand feet at
respectably high baud rates.


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