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'I2C distance spec.'
1995\05\22@094729 by Gary Gaskell

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I have read and used the I2C serial bus, on a PIC 57 and with various
Philips devices.  The specs never mention, the likely distance that is
possible using this bus.

How far have people used it?  Does anyone know of specs for the distance
performance of this serial bus?

I realise that it is really a serial bus for peripheral devices, but it
would be really interesting to know about experiences of using it over 10
feet?  Or 50 feet? Then I could run it all around the house, to do all
neat sort of stuff.

Is this the communications protocol they use in BMWs, where only two
wires run to the lights and accessories?

Sorry to ask lots of questions, but this is fun stuff.


Gary Gaskell                         Cooperative Research Centre for
Research Scientist                   Distributed Systems Technology
DSTC                                 Ph:   61 7 864 1051
Level 12, ITE Building               Fax:  61 7 864 1282
Queensland University of Technology  Email:
Brisbane, Australia.

1995\05\22@130414 by Marcel Gielen

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In the specs are no distances mentioned as far as I know, only a maximum bus
capacity. Practically It will be maybe 1 meter, without problems.
If you want to increase the maximum distance you can use the "I2C bus
extender" from Philips, the 82B715. With this IC you can increase the bus
length with approx. 10 times.


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