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'I2C WITH 16F877'
1999\09\29@183300 by EDINSSON ARIZA

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I am working with PIC 16F877 and i wanted to obtain a
source code of example to manipulate protocol I2C.

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'I2C WITH 16F877'
1999\10\01@110430 by EDINSSON ARIZA
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Hi Folks!

I am working with the pic 16f877 and I want to request
some of you
a code source example to be able to use the protocol
I2C because
I have not been able to put it into operation.

I thank the borrowed time ahead of time.

Ahora si en cristiano....

Hola Amigos!

Yo estoy trabajando con el pic 16f877 y quiero
solicitar a alguno de ustedes
un csdigo fuente ejemplo para poder utilizar el
protocolo I2C porque no he
podido ponerlo en funcionamiento.

Agradezco de antemano el tiempo prestado.

Edinsson Ariza.


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1999\10\01@133413 by Nick Taylor

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There is example source code available in the App Note section of
Microchip's site (AN558 among others) and at Prof. Peter Anderson's
- Nick -

PD ?Es ingles un lenguaje pagano?
- N -

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