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PICList Thread (w/full text)
'Slightly Off Topic the Human Interface'
1997\09\02@121013 by Martin McCormick
1997\09\02@124432 by Engineering Department
'Human Safety'
1997\09\16@080352 by Miller, Steve
1997\09\16@083204 by Antti Lukats
1997\09\16@092617 by Keith Dowsett
1997\09\17@025752 by mikesmith_oz.nosp*m

'+5V from 120 VAC power,err is human'
1998\10\26@141446 by Eduardo R.
1998\10\27@090252 by paulb

'[OT] (human?) wind chill (was: Commercial vs. Indu'
1999\03\18@225548 by Gerhard Fiedler
1999\03\19@142845 by William Chops Westfield
1999\03\19@143255 by Sean Breheny
1999\03\19@151228 by Gerhard Fiedler
1999\03\19@151232 by Gerhard Fiedler
1999\03\20@043915 by Tom Handley
1999\03\20@121525 by Gerhard Fiedler

'[OT] Human visual response (was: anode drivers for'
2000\01\12@182024 by Ken Webster
2000\01\13@081918 by jkitchen
2000\01\13@082953 by paulb
2000\01\13@122232 by ShadeDemon
2000\01\13@165217 by paulb
2000\01\15@170618 by andy howard
2000\01\16@224515 by paulb
2000\01\16@233019 by William Chops Westfield
2000\01\17@003459 by Adam Mead
2000\01\17@024454 by Adam Mead
2000\01\17@064836 by paulb
2000\01\17@173913 by Wagner Lipnharski
'Human visual response (was: anode drivers for LED)'
2000\01\18@040017 by Adam Mead

'[OT]:Human Rights Watch'
2002\03\21@021500 by Russell McMahon
2002\03\21@101000 by Michael Vinson

'[PIC]: Direct LED connection? Human shock data'
2002\11\02@172203 by Jim
2002\11\02@202614 by Olin Lathrop
2002\11\02@205612 by Chameleon Groom Lake

'[ot]: expressSCH symbols for regular human beings'
2003\01\19@190232 by rad0
2003\01\19@190855 by Sid Weaver
2003\01\19@191524 by rad0
2003\01\19@192557 by Sid Weaver

'[OT]: Scientists conclude that humans actually des'
2003\03\20@230440 by Russell McMahon
2003\03\21@023847 by Jinx
2003\03\21@035527 by Jonathan Johnson
2003\03\21@080827 by Chris Loiacono
2003\03\21@154026 by Jinx
2003\03\22@023838 by Russell McMahon
2003\03\22@024711 by Russell McMahon
2003\03\22@034236 by Jinx
2003\03\22@040532 by Russell McMahon

'[OT]: Non GE solution to early stop codon human mu'
2003\10\16@065759 by Russell McMahon
2003\10\16@102102 by Richard J. Pytelewski
2003\10\16@104138 by Jake Anderson
2003\10\16@105629 by Jake Anderson
2003\10\16@150459 by James Newton, webhost
2003\10\16@154617 by Russell McMahon
2003\10\16@215908 by M. Adam Davis
2003\10\16@231748 by Russell McMahon

'[OT][TECHO] Human exosure to vacuum'
2004\10\10@183158 by Russell McMahon
'[OT] Homo Floresiensis - new species of humans dis'
2004\10\28@204721 by Russell McMahon
2004\10\28@210057 by Marc Nicholas
2004\10\29@014702 by Russell McMahon

'[OT] This can't be human!'
2004\12\26@145827 by Mark
2004\12\26@155025 by Jinx
2004\12\26@160210 by Dave VanHorn
2004\12\26@171532 by Russell McMahon
2004\12\26@171534 by Russell McMahon
2004\12\26@201118 by Jinx
2004\12\26@212941 by Russell McMahon
2004\12\26@213850 by Russell McMahon
2004\12\26@221402 by Jinx
2004\12\27@122642 by gacrowell
2004\12\27@134231 by gacrowell

'[OT] Animals with human cells'
2005\05\01@200214 by Russell McMahon
2005\05\01@202541 by Eric Jorgensen
2005\05\01@202541 by Eric Jorgensen

'[EE] Cute humanoid robot'
2005\07\20@161333 by Shawn Tan Ser Ngiap
2005\07\21@134013 by Vasile Surducan
2005\07\21@145146 by Mike W
2005\07\22@061932 by Bill & Pookie
2005\07\22@133222 by Peter

'[OT] Global Warming - 40% of humanity with grossly'
2005\09\03@083146 by Russell McMahon

'[OT]: Penguin + Lithium batteries + Human Pilot = '
2005\12\08@213002 by Peter
'Penguin + Lithium batteries + Human Pilot = high p'
2005\12\09@055348 by Russell McMahon
2005\12\09@130853 by Peter

'[EE] Linux based 2 legged humanoid Robot'
2006\07\17@235211 by Russell McMahon

'[OT] Human Knowledge: Foundations and Limits'
2006\09\06@054754 by Gökhan SEVER

'[EE]: Software and Human errors'
2007\04\14@150842 by Marcel Duchamp
2007\04\14@154511 by wouter van ooijen
2007\04\14@174046 by Gerhard Fiedler
2007\04\15@040600 by wouter van ooijen
2007\04\15@092447 by Gerhard Fiedler
2007\04\15@101755 by wouter van ooijen
2007\04\15@213104 by Gerhard Fiedler
2007\04\16@014859 by wouter van ooijen
2007\04\16@055454 by Alan B. Pearce
2007\04\16@063452 by wouter van ooijen
2007\04\16@094136 by Gerhard Fiedler
2007\04\16@103731 by wouter van ooijen
2007\04\16@122909 by Robert Rolf
2007\04\16@190638 by Gerhard Fiedler
2007\04\17@102912 by Howard Winter
2007\04\17@103526 by Howard Winter

'[OT] Human can survive in a mostly self powered cl'
2007\06\28@080250 by Peter P.
2007\06\28@205845 by M. Adam Davis
2007\06\29@123946 by Mike Hord
2007\06\30@022356 by Peter P.

'Humans 8 Gophers 1'
2008\03\24@211858 by John Gardner

'[EE] Human Perception Studied to Double LED Bright'
2008\04\15@130858 by Forums
2008\04\15@192606 by Apptech

'[EE] Human brightness perception and LED's'
2009\12\16@123300 by Padu Merloti
2009\12\16@135745 by Carl Denk
2009\12\17@045838 by Chris McSweeny
2009\12\17@070037 by Marechiare

'[TECH] How planes fly Silly humans it is the FSM'
2011\01\28@002834 by YES NOPE9
'[TECH] How planes fly Silly humans it is the FSM'
2011\01\28@005904 by RussellMc
2011\01\28@011108 by Sean Breheny
2011\01\28@020152 by Oli Glaser
2011\01\28@042837 by Chris McSweeny
2011\01\28@045542 by RussellMc
2011\01\28@051249 by RussellMc
2011\01\28@081704 by Sean Breheny
'[TECH] How planes fly Silly humans it is the FSM'
2011\01\28@082659 by Olin Lathrop
'[TECH] How planes fly Silly humans it is the FSM'
2011\01\28@083122 by Chris McSweeny
2011\01\28@083305 by Chris McSweeny
2011\01\28@085254 by Olin Lathrop
2011\01\28@093028 by RussellMc
2011\01\28@093238 by Chris McSweeny
2011\01\28@093604 by Gordon
2011\01\28@094832 by Olin Lathrop
2011\01\28@094910 by Michael Watterson
2011\01\28@103829 by Chris McSweeny
2011\01\28@111600 by Sean Breheny
2011\01\28@112649 by Chris McSweeny
2011\01\28@121148 by Gerhard Fiedler

'[EE] Human power'
2011\04\15@191757 by Bob Blick
2011\04\15@193454 by Oli Glaser
2011\04\15@195050 by Michael Watterson
2011\04\17@195709 by RussellMc

'[OT] Human Rights'
2013\06\07@154740 by Yigit Turgut
2013\06\07@164403 by Tamas Rudnai
2013\06\07@225924 by RussellMc
2013\06\07@233354 by John Gardner

'[OT] Human-powered quadcopter wins prize'
2013\07\14@164124 by IVP
2013\07\14@183340 by Sean Breheny
2013\07\14@222502 by RussellMc
2013\07\15@113730 by Yigit Turgut
2013\07\15@143825 by Denny Esterline

'[OT]:: we're The Superhumans.'
2016\07\16@212046 by RussellMc
2016\07\17@002637 by John Gardner

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