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'How to seperate 14 bit data'
1997\08\21@130152 by engelec

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Hi to all Engineers.

I am new to pic.
I am trying to make a tester with two 7 segments LEDS(not multiplexed)
that to be able to separate input coming  14 bit signal and display it.
First 7 bit to display with first 7 seg. LEDs and other 7 bit to display
with second one.
this signal is coming from an other unit it has two 16 position (4
bit)encoder switches.the purpose of this tester is to see each switch is
in right position or not this can happen after puting a knob on it if
knob arrow is wrong will not work right.

I can be totaly wrong.

find_0  btfsc   porta,0
       goto    find_1
       addlw   b'0'
       rrf     w
       btfss   status,c
       goto    find_1
       movwf   portb   ; is first 7 segment

find_1  btfss   porta,0
       goto    find_0
       addlw   b'1'
       rrf     w
       btfss   status,c
       goto    find_0
       movwf   portb

                                       thank you very much for any help
                                       thank you very much.

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