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'How to quote on PIC programming?'
1999\03\25@051848 by Quentin

So far, all my designs were for complete systems, PIC programming, PCB
board, etc.
Recently I had an inquiry to do just PIC programming and give specs for
I/O. The customer will manufacture the board and the rest (great!,

I would like to know how PICsters charge for PIC programming. Do you
work on time spend or do you charge per line?

I see it this way:
If you work on time, you can get involved in a program that is
relatively small, but requires a lot of time to configure. Example is a
complex timer program where you spend a lot of time configuring timer
parameters etc.
If you work on charge per line, you can get a program that is fairly
long but can be written quickly. Example is bit manipulation where you
already have a library of frequently used stuff (multiplication, etc.).

Any thoughts?


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