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'How much($)to charge for development? -Reply'
1996\12\11@142715 by Mark Jurras

>>> James Musselman <spam_OUTjamesTakeThisOuTspamRADIXGROUP.COM> 11 December 1996  11:47 am >>>

> It sounds like you don't write very complex programs, or
> maybe you are the first programmer to achieve perfection,
> or how do you define a bug?  Do you work for companies that
> never change their minds?

A bug, in this case, is when a program doesn't do what the specification
says it should. When a company changes it's mind(specification) then you hit
them with charges for a change in scope. You use this to cover any time and
expenses to make their change plus what ever you can get away with because
it would cost them more to go elsewhere and start over.

> You're very optimistic about most companies being so capable!!

If real companies were capable they wouldn't look outside for expertise.

FWIW My charge out rate is $80/hr. I don't get paid nearly that much but I
do get three weeks paid vacation, holidays, over $100,000 worth of test
equipment and development tools, A big fast computer, e-mail, reduced
medical and dental bills, stock and I get to go home at night. :^)

- -Mark

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