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'Honeywell Magnetometers'
1997\05\27@092642 by Tom Hoover

    >Chris Smolinski wrote:
    >> If there's anyone who's played with magnetometers and can offer
    >> some advice (or maybe recommend another inexpensive commercial
    >> unit, or a  build-it-yourself option) I'd appreciate it.
    >Honeywell has a lowcost magnetic field sensor that was used
    >by one of the app's people at Byte Craft when he put
    >together a low cost compass. As I recall it was easy to work with,
    >he had that part of the project running in about a day.
    >Walter Banks

    Honeywell makes both a two axis detector ( X-Y ) and a single axis
    detector ( Z ). Using both chips together allows sensing all three

    App Notes from Honeywell:

       AN-200 : Smart digital magnetometer in the laboratory
       AN-201 : SET/RESET Pulse circuits for magnetic sensors
       AN-203 : Compass heading using magnetometers
       AN-205 : Magnetic Sensor Cross-Axis Effect

    They are easy to use, the only hitch being the need to supply a 3-4
    amp set/reset pulse to the chip. Their app note AN-201 describes all
    this in great detail.

    Two Axis sensor: HMC-1002, Newark has these on page 1002 @ 30.00 ea
    One Axis sensor: HMC-1001

    They also make a Three-Axis sensor hybrid. Again Newark sells these as
    well. ( Not Cheap @ 250.00 each ).

    Finally, Honeywell makes a complete "Smart Digital Magnetometer" -- It
    uses their sensor hybrid, three CS5509 16 bit A/Ds and a PIC16C73. It
    outputs the X,Y,Z component of the magnetic field at a  rate of 10 to
    154 samples second in ASCII. ( Even more @ 1299.00 )


    Tom Hoover
    Software Engineer

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