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'Home automation terminal [HAT] Updated - Ver 0.1.1'
2000\04\18@160357 by M. Adam Davis

I've changed the code and circuit slightly on the HAT so the thermister is now
being read by the A/D converter.  This entailed a slight change of circuitry,
and there are three pins in PORTA which are now available for either digital or
analog I/O (barometer, outside temp, humidity, etc).

The code is in C, though it has been compiled into ASM for those who are
unfamiliar with C.  It is heavily commented, and is suitable to use as an
example of how to set up and use:
Keypad (matrix, 3x5 in this example)
A/D converter
Sound (basic beeping, nothing spectacular yet)

It does not use interrupts, but instead pays attention to flags which tell it
what tasks it needs to check on and perform.  This can be considered a /very/
basic form of multi-tasking.

In its current incarnation it accepts commands from a computer (serial, 9600).
These commands control the LCD, and query the A/D converter for a temperature
measurement.  The keypad sends information when a key is pressed, or when the
A/D conversion is complete.

The portion I am tackling next is the network protocol.  I'm aiming for a
peer-peer rs-485 network.  The protocol details are on paper, and will be
implemented in Turbo C first, then placed on the pic.

The web page has been split up for faster loading, you can start here:

Also worth mentioning- I have gone through every link in David Tait's old PIC
Links Archive and removed references to sites which no longer exist (about 80
links were removed).  The remainder, while not checked for content, is a great
list of links to nearly every aspect of PIC use and information.  It has taken
me four months to go through them all, without really getting into each site:

Other areas of immediate interest to PICListers:
PIC Archive, Links, contest(s), Books and more:
PIC Archive (programming PICs, some nice projects)
Books related to PIC microcontrollers:
Other electronic info of general interest:

Lastly, I have a request to make.  I am partially color blind (red green, and
yes, I can read resister values - it just takes a little longer than most
people).  When I created this website however long ago it was, I picked colors
which appeared to contrast well for me, and were reasonably easy on the eyes.  I
also attempted to make the site easy and intuitive to navigate (for techie
types, anyway).  I would appreciate it if those of you who visit any page give
me some indication as to whether I ought to look for a different layout/color
scheme, or any other tips you might come up with.  I've tried to stay away from
large/obtrusive graphics, but I know some people are put off when a site is not
flashy enough, either.  Please comment either way.

Thanks for everything, everyone!


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