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'Help with Promate II module'
1998\07\04@011159 by Arudzki

Is there someone out there with a Promate II module for the 5X family
that could flip it over and ohm out a wiring list for me?

I'm looking for basically   J6 pin 1  >>> DIP pin 3
                           J6 pin 2  >>> DIP pin 8
                           J7 pin 17 >>> DIP pin 22
I'm looking to make a gadget and I have the modules for the 18 pin, 40
pin, and 44 pin PLCC, but they only use the standard serial programming
pins, and the 5X family uses something like 14.

Any help would be appreciated


1998\07\05@012035 by Claudio Rachiele IW0DZG

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