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'Help with DEBUG..'
2004\07\05@035127 by Alan B. Pearce

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>so i got a HD editor and opened the FAT using the menus, the
>address that comes up is 0000:0200 BUT, when i try to open
>it with debug and type d 0000:0200 i get all ceros, what am
>i doing wrong?? it's not all ceros in the HD editor.
>i can't use the HD editor cause it's a "trial" version and
>doesn't let me save to the disk.

Debug will be looking at the memory, and the HD editor will be looking at a
disk sector. They are looking at two totally different things, which is why
you see different results.

First I would suggest you download the PDF file from the Microsoft website
called fatgen103.pdf. This is the "Bible" on the FAT format. Second see if
you can find a copy of Norton Disk Doctor, or the original Norton Utilities
which has an excellent disk editor in it.

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2004\07\05@042523 by Hopkins

If you are trying to recover data I suggest take it to someone who knows how
to extract the data before you make things worse.

Other wise you probably will end up reformatting the HDD but you may have
some luck with DISK MAGIC or NORTON'S utilities.

Roy Hopkins   :-)

New Zealand
> i'm working on a PC that has fallen 1.5m after a car fell
> off a hoist and pulled on the cables...I'M SERIOUS!!
> anyway the PC was actually booting fine, but as soon as i
> tried to load DOS 6.22 (4.01 didn't have scandisk) it totaly
> #@%d up.
> i'm sure the FAT is damaged cause scnadisk keeps finding
> files all over the place and giving them dumb names.

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2004\07\05@083903 by Peter van Hoof

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Try this utility
or a utility from this collection

hope this helps

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2004\07\05@091203 by Peter van Hoof

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Take a look at these too

zapit looks most promising to me


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