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'Help wanted'
1998\11\28@113048 by Goovaerts

PIC16/17 Question=Ok, I know now that I can't use the SSP module of the
PIC16C63 in single master mode. Can somebody give me more explanation about
the I2C routines or some source code for the PIC16C63 ?   I have some source
code, but its for the PIC16C54 and its very complicated

please please help me

Its very urgent !!

'help wanted'
1998\12\22@113541 by shreff
I am looking for a PIC programmer to write fairly undemanding
code for a PIC16C63.  Will involve calculations of time to .0001
second resolution, and serial port transmission.  One time only
job, immediate, prefer someone on east coast US.  Competent
programmer only, not an on-the-job learning experience.  This is
a modification of a job that Andy Warren did a fine job for me previously,
but alas, he is not currently available.  Interested parties contact

John Shreffler

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