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'Help on DP Treadmill'
1998\10\01@200734 by Donald L Burdette

picon face
I have a DP Roadmaster treadmill that has a failed PIC on one of the
controller boards.  As DP is now out of business, I am hoping that
someone can tell me where to get a replacement part or code so I can burn
a new part.  Any Ideas?

                                       Don Burdette

1998\10\02@025512 by Michael Hagberg

hope for the best and if you are really lucky
1. the device failed because an i/o pin went bad
2. the chip is not code protected
3. you can remove the chip without damaging it and or the board
4. then just read the old chip (save to code on disk), burn a new one and
plug it in.

good luck


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