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'Help for PIC'
1997\05\22@103424 by douglas

>Thanks for all those with  interest in the '84 simulator.
>I have now seen UMPS and it looks very impressive.
>My software is, on the other hand, aimed at young people who might be
>interested in learning PIC's and as such, has a sort of cartoonish
>stlye to it with everything laid out in front of you to let you
>visually see what is happening when you execute an instruction.
>As the software is mainly for the young beginners, when it is
>finished, the cost will most likely be free.
>It is my first Windows based software, and as I like working with PIC's,
>I thought it would be a project to learn by. (Big learn)
>As I mentioned, it is not complete, but it is it functional. To all
>those that expressed interest, a copy will be posted ASAP.
>Just when I thought I knew it all,
>I learned that I didn't.

Please place me on your WANT-It-NOW list, Please.
I'm a newbie to the PIC also. Still don't know the difference from the pic
-C,-F, and the STAMP's. Looking for the instruction set for the

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