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'Help - need to source MAX127 devices'
2000\03\20@102518 by John Lawton Electronics

I've just got a nasty shock, having designed in a MAX127 part (A/D with I2C
bus, DIP package) and now Maxim UK say 15 weeks delivery. They haven't even
got samples in stock, and quoted 5 weeks on them!

Can anyone suggest where I might get some (from anywhere in the world). I
need 10 for pre-production units then probably 20-30 until Maxim get their
act together.
I suppose I should have heeded the warnings about Maxim, but it is just the
device I wanted.

John Lawton
 John Lawton Electronics


2000\03\20@110424 by Mark Newland

I realize that the MAX1271's are not 100% compatible with the MAX127's but "NU
Horizon" has MAX1271BCNG listed (thru PartMiner) with a quantity of 30 in
stock.  For hard to find parts (at a higher cost of course), try
1-800-MIT-FIND.  They have done me good in the past.

John Lawton Electronics wrote:

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