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'Have you already play with MSC1937, MIC10937 Rockw'
1999\11\14@060215 by Picsend

picon face

Need your feeling about this chip. Interesting or not ?
Difficult to interface ? Is code simple to activate this chip ?

Any help WELCOME !

1999\11\14@065929 by McMeikan, Andrew

This chip is easy to drive, just reset,clock and data line.
only does upper case :( some of the punctuation looks a bit wierd.

       cya,    Andrew...

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1999\11\14@130041 by Dave VanHorn

Subject: Have you already play with MSC1937, MIC10937 Rockwell ?

Now there's one from the vaults!
I used the 10937 as a VFD controller in a whole line of credit card

The chip is easy to talk to, three wires IIRC, clocked serial, plus reset.
The hard part is the VFD tube. It's -30 and -10 requirements usually can be
served with a flyback switcher, but the filament is special. Many places
drive it with a winding on the switcher, but that's not optimal.  If you
drive a flip-flop from one digit strobe (anode) then use the flip-flop to
drive an H bridge, switching the filament between +7V and ground on each
end, then you have got optimal filament drive.

DONT drive the filaments with DC though. Even the ones that are designed for
it wear out much faster than the regular type.

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